Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Green Peppercorn, Sydney

Sometimes things are just meant to be. I have been meaning to go to Green Peppercorn in the city for a while now, but never really got the opportunity to. All those shots of the pandan deep fried ice cream was so luring on instagram. But it was just for a time period, as it was soon back to the original vanilla ice cream. So, let’s hope this new dessert I got to try is here to stay …

Fish cakes $9.90
Because when you have thai there is no way you will pass having fish cakes. You get four in a serve and they’re cut into quarters. Nice and bite size, just poke and eat! I love the spiciness in the fish sauce, as at times I find some can be on the mild side.

Crispy pork belly with stir fried lang-kong $18.90

There was a special pork knuckle, but I wanted the pork belly all because of the water spinach. Although we didn’t try the pork knuckle to know, but I would say we made no wrong choice (for the night). The pork is so crispy, with some fat to create that juiciness from the meat as you take a bite. Just underneath the pork is a bed of water spinach, cooked in garlic and chilli.

Tiger beef salad $14.90

Just because we felt like we needed to balance our meal out a little bit, we went for a salad. You can choose the spiciness levels, and knowing Miss MC, I noted for mild. But be warned, there could still be some landmines in there that you could land with some spicy bits. Not that I am complaining as I tend to love spice, but for the non-spicy lovers. I love the spicy and zing you get from this salad.

“What was that?!” Miss MC asked after both our heads followed the waitress holding a dish.
“I think the waitress mimed apple pie to me…” I’m sure the waitress is used to those looks of curiosity.

Deep fried apple pie $14.00

But the waitress soon put that all to rest as she made sure to come by after and explain to us that dish. The apple pie is new, and has not yet made it on the menu, but be sure it will soon as the response is great so far!

And a spoonful of this really doesn’t need any explaining. The pastry is light and fluffy like but still crispy, the custard is sweet as it surrounds the slight sourness of the apple. Then a top the apple pie sits three thinly sliced apple crisps which is like a apple toffee.

Black sesame creme brûlée $14.00

We honestly could have stopped at the apple pie, but Miss MC was rather persistent on getting the black sesame crème brulee. It was nice, but it wasn’t anything spectacular after that apple pie. There was a nice crack when I tapped on the burnt sugar. Perfect. The brulee was smooth, and we were amazed at the layers of black sesame colours. Easily amazed…

So yes, sometimes things are just meant to be. I am glad I only just made it to Green Peppercorn so I could get my taste test of this apple pie dessert. I am glad it’s going to be on the new dessert menu, let’s just hope it’s here to stay!

Have you ever missed out on a particular dish you wanted to try, yet when getting there you have something (perhaps) even better?

Hit Deep fried apple pie
Miss Black sesame crème brulee

Green Peppercorn
Civic Hotel
Level 1, 388 Pitt Street

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  1. i love Green Peppercorn's creme brulee! one of the best i've ever had!

  2. I gotta try the crispy pork next time!

    1. The pork is good, but at the same time... I really liked the water spinach XD

  3. Dear Cassie,

    We went to the one out west once and it was like a 1 hour wait in a chaotic place with so many people. The food turned out just average so it's never again for me.

    1. Oh no, that sounds like a bad experience. Pretty sure if I was in your shoes, I wouldnt want to go back either :(

  4. Aww black sesame creme brulee sounds incredible! And I'd be all over that crispy pork belly!

  5. How was the black seasame creme brulee? I found the pandan one quite subtle in flavour but turned out it was enough to keep going back for more hehe