Journey from Within first started back in 2012 in hopes to record her eczema progress and what remedies that may have taken place to control it. But was unfortunately abandoned as Cassie decided to give her whole 100% into running Next Stop: Food with her three friends.

In 2014, she decided that Next Stop: Food has been doing very well and is very impressed with how far they had all gotten and at that point decided that she will come back to Journey from Within and branch it into a blog about all sorts. You'll see Cassie has split her posts into categories in hopes to let readers navigate and find posts to their interests.

About Cassie ...
Just your average Sydney-based girl who loves to write about anything that inspires her, although inspiration is SO hard to find! So, she will just find whatever she can to write about to satisfy her itch to ... well, write.

She loves to eat, but also realises that eating requires some sort of output too. As she has been on steroids for a good few years, she also needs to help herself work it all off. Working out does not always agree with her skin, so here she hopes to record her own ways on how she overcomes some of these issues for others who may also be looking for the right remedy. As Cassie has learnt that everyone is different, as it may work for someone - it may not for her.

Cassie is an avid (an understatement) user of social media if you would like to follow her more you can find her on instagram and twitter.

For now, that is all.

I hope to inspire as I have been inspired.

Past posts on Next Stop: Food

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  1. She thinks she's just average - really she's pretty awesome and actually not so average!

    1. You! Don't mislead people! :)
      But thank you for your kind words xx

  2. Not so average my double C! so proud of you of taking the next step and branching out on your own with JFW! but just remember, you're never really alone (:

    1. Never alone in many aspects :)
      Must say, this step is one thing I am sure to say, no regrets to! For the better ;)
      and thank you!