Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Danjee, Sydney

It seems like Mr TR will have to keep tradition every year now, as he has had Korean to celebrate his birthday for the past few years. This year we all dined at Danjee, hidden in a little laneway behind the Albion hotel.

Upon walking in, you see the open kitchen on the right. Once stepping into the dinning area we were all in a moment of, this is upper market Korean. It sure felt a little different, but it was nice surprise for us all.

We sit and are greeted with a small plate of hard seaweed, with sprinkles of salt. The crunch is like eating a cracker, and the taste offered a sweet and salty touch. It was interesting, but it sure tasted nicer with the light soya sauce on the side.

Have mul jap chae (potato noodles) $15

The japchae was mixed well with the distinctive sweet soya sauce, there are a vast amount of vegies running through. The potato noodles are cooked to the way I like it, which isn’t too soft but still holds a little “rubber band” like bite.

Yuk hwae (raw beef, cucumber, nacho, soy dressing) $20

Raw beef! Mix, stir, mix, mix! Break that lovely egg!

There is a strong sesame oil taste running through yet it is so tasty that you would go in for seconds. But beware as there are also raw onions, so a pack of mint in your bag would be the way to go.

Have mul jeon (pan fried assorted seafoods) $18

The seafood pancake is not anything we are used to. We don’t get the big round flat pancake but individually cooked seafood with egg wrapped around. We get 3 of each, prawns, fish, and scallops.

Kimchi nok du jeon (pan fried kimchi, mung bean and pork, vegetables) $13

Just like the seafood pancake, the kimchi pancake is also not the ones we are used to. They come as small servings for one, and there are 3 in a serve. I fail to find the kimchi link, as it is not powerful at all. I do find one piece of cabbage in my piece.

Danjee chicken $35
But would you just look at that golden fried chicken! Like usual, there is never a time where we would pass on ordering just artery clogging chicken! Super crispy on the outside and juicy bites of chicken inside. I don’t believe fried chicken could ever be done wrong.

Yang nyeom gal bi (soy marinated beef short ribs) $24

Beef ribs, BONELESS beef ribs. The meat is cut off from the bone and into little strips. The beef is juicy and this disappears in minutes as we wouldn’t want the meat to over cook on the hot plate.

Sam gyup sal (pork belly $20)
Another meat we will never pass on, pork belly. However, I am not sure I would order this again, as I found the meat itself lacked a little pow on my palate and was dipping in sauces for taste.

Could we please have a massive bun to wrap around this and have a MASSIVE burger? The wait staff recommended this as we were hoping to order a side of bulgogi, It actually was surprisingly good, maybe because it did look a little on the ordinary side, we were surprised by the way the mince beef held a nice charcoal like flavour.

Have mul ddok bokki gi (spicy Korean rice cake stew with seafood - melted cheese) $35

Tteokbokki! I really love tteokbokki, but we rarely order it as it is really filling. But on this lovely night #yolo. The stringy cheese made our mouths water, the generous amount of seafood made us happy and the tteokbokki was everything we wanted, nice and chewy rice cakes. However, a word of warning, this is probably one of the most spiciest tteokbokki’s I have had so far. So for those that can’t take spice, beware!

I wouldn’t mind coming back to Danjee, there were some highlight dishes and perhaps some that I could miss. But I would never say no to that fried chicken for sure!

So, have you ever had a particular cuisine to celebrate one person’s birthday?

Hit: Fried chickn, beef ribs
Miss: Pork belly, pancakes

1/7 Albion Place,


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  1. that batter on the fried chicken looks so crunchylicious!

  2. I want it all. Everything. Really, I am not joking :D

  3. Shame about the Pork Belly - It's literally one of my favourite things on earth, minus the mighty burg :)

    1. It was a shame, I really do enjoy pork belly a lot and usually korean bbq pork belly is good!! :(
      hahaha!! mighty burger ;)

  4. That burger patty does look massive and delicious, great place :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. It was pretty tasty :D was so pleased with the recommendation

  5. Interesting dishes - all of them! They all look familiar but presented a little differently. Pork belly, chicken and pan fried seafoods are things we won't let pass. But that hard seaweed cracker looks pretty tasty, too!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

    1. chicken is never passed, especially when it comes fried hehehe!!