Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

Rain does not deter people on weekends, it’s almost like we finally have our own time and nothing, and I mean, absolutely nothing can stop us from going out. We learned the hard way, we thought to give The Grounds a try, but the wait was an hour and a half. So, we decided to go to Paramount Coffee, and were luckily down to a 25-minute wait.

“What is there to eat there?” Miss DT asked after I suggested Paramount.
“Soft shell crab burger,” A statement was made.
“That’s what I am having,” Miss DT was sold, and there she didn’t even look at the menu from that point once we arrived.

Too easy.

Left: Rose ice tea $5.00
Left: Salted pistachio and nutella milkshake $8.00

We all got sold on the salted pistachio and nutella milkshake, but Miss DT got distracted by the rose ice tea unfortunately it brought a lot of disappointment to her. There was no trace of rose, she describes it as watered down iced black tea. The milkshake was yum. However, there was one problem, with a awesome dollop of nutella at the bottom, but it gets stuck in your straw much too easily, which makes it hard to enjoy your milkshake without having a blocked straw.

Soft shell crab bun $20
The last time I came was … I don’t even remember when, but the soft shell crab burger, was just the burger. But now … it comes with crackling!!! Like, oh my, hello beautiful crackles!! This did not disappoint Miss DT at all.

Avo rye $13 (add bacon and egg $5 each)

The brother ordered the avo rye, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I had a taste bite and the avocado was fresh, with the subtle tang. My brother really surprises me with his change of attitude on food, never in my life would I have imagined to have ordered something like this. But in order to be healthy, he does anything.

Steam bun with pulled pork $15

I on the other hand never make the right choices, based on health that is. But seeing the steamed bun come out as we were waiting, I knew what I wanted. The bun perhaps were not as fluffy and soft as I would have liked, but it’s a massive bun, the size of Three Williams’ narnies. I loved the fresh crunch from the apple slaw, the textural bite with the peanuts. But would have loved a little more sauce, as it got a little dry after a few more bites.

Patatas bravas $5

And as I said, I really don’t make the healthiest of choices – so added a side of patatas bravas as well, because why not? Slightly crispy, dipped in the side dressing giving a little more flavour, but not necessary.

Cinnamon cronut $5

Sweet tooth between Miss DT and I were had. I mean, the brother has it too, for his love for the scrolls from Oregano Bakery – but he also has good self control when on a diet. The cinnamon cronut was sprinkled, no, rolled in cinnamon sugar and we dig through our nails after to start cleaning it out. But I love all things cinnamon so this won me over instantly. I still want to try a cruffin!

So have you tried a cruffin yet? What are your thoughts on these new baby inventions of mixing two great things into one?

Hit: Soft Shell Crab Burger
Miss: Rose Ice Tea

Paramount Coffee Project
80 Commonwealth Street,

Surry Hills

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  1. The soft shell crab's claws is out! Looks so tasty...I WANT!

    1. haha i know right... claws are all out to attack ... mm~

  2. Still haven't made it to Paramount yet, the soft shell crab burger does look insane. It does freak me out a little when I realise what exactly I'm eating! I cant say I'm sold on Cronuts. I like doughnuts and croissants just not together. But I had a wickedly good cruffin in Melbourne from 'Eat A Scroll'. Dangerous!

    1. I was sold on cronuts, but now it's a bit meh to me... but I'm totally wanting those curtains!!
      zomg, you make me want to pick up and go to Melbourne!

  3. What is a cruffin? I'm kind of fascinated by all of the different variations that they come up with. Have you had a Fronut? They're awesome!

    1. cruffin is a croissant and muffin, i believe they're found in brew town newtown ...
      but what's a fronut????

  4. The soft shell crab bun looks amazing! Definitely need to check this place out.

  5. Dammit Kazz, I have stayed away for too long
    I made the mistake of popping in just as 3.30-itis hit and now im starving haha

    This foodie adventure looks awesome! I have been craving soft shell crab for yonks nowwww
    Cant believe you guys got crackle with it!

    1. bwahahaaha oppsies... and I'm now hungry too... empty belly.. sitting in uni class wanting to eat!! gimme food!!
      come back to sydney and have some pwahaha!! xx