Sunday, 25 June 2017

F45 8 Week Challenge: Week 8, Made Some Mates

I guess I should at least post what the last week was like before we hit right into the results right?

I tried to fit in more training in my last week, because it’s the last stretch right? But I guess I didn’t manage to really, as life likes to play up and take it’s little toll on you when you have fitness planned. Then there is also trying to keep up with a social life and having only particular matching calendars. Why is being an adult so hard?

But seeing more people that I haven’t seen in a while and getting more comments really does help. It’s great to know that I have made progress in a matter of eight weeks, but my question is the maintaining now. I feel that keeping and maintaining the weight seems to be the hard part moving forward … Next challenge, hit me up?

Anyways, it let this post match the actual headline. It’s true, you make mates. Here’s to the national selfie day with one of the many amazing trainers at my studio!

And weigh-in day happens Monday, fingers crossed there are some good results I get in numbers!

Until next week, adios ~

Sunday, 18 June 2017

F45 8 Week Challenge: Week 7, Not Yet In Heaven

How did another three weeks pass me? It’s now week seven, I can hardly believe I’m hitting into the last week of my challenge. Who is excited and can’t wait for that bite into a juicy burger? A crunchy fried chicken? Perhaps even something sweet?

Ok, I’d be lying if I said I was an absolute angel and did not indulge in a treat here and there … because food is life.

There is nothing that I can say as to why I went missing for three weeks, but to be honest there really wasn’t too much to say.

I do feel that we really underestimate what our body can do and take. Through the past seven weeks, I did not think I would be able to think I could take on more weights or manage to feel stronger.

A push-up is still achieved on the knees, however I can make a deeper push-up. From lifting weights that felt like nothing to adding more weight.

Lunges still need a bit of work; because that is something I personally dislike most. 

Chin-ups are just my worst nightmare, but it is something I can’t wait to conquer the most. Why? Because it is something that I feel is my biggest weakness. How does one lift their own weight?

Oh, one more thing I have reached my goal that I wished to achieve for this challenge. But I will post my final results and goals in a little over a week. Final weigh-in is in a week’s time.

Until then, aidos ~

Thursday, 25 May 2017

F45 8 Week Challenge: Week 4, Squat Some More

Time is actually flying by much faster than I expected it to have been. Eight weeks really is nothing, who would have thought I’m now right bam in the middle of it all. I made it guys; I have survived four weeks of physical and mental pain.

F45 introduced some new programs this week, and it is intense! All I can say is, I’m glad I joined before, cause if I was to join now I probably would feel defeated. Feel that I’m so unfit and will never be able to achieve any goals.

So, I’m usually quite horrible when trying to see changes in my body, and in the past few weeks I still couldn’t see anything. But low and behold, this week is the week I have noticed a few changes. Here is my little list:
Boobs: Why must the boobs be the first place women lose weight. It was the one place I was hoping that would be untouched, although I knew the harsh reality…
Booty: This is a time when I have a love/hate relationship with squats. Goodbye saggy backside and hello to the peachy booty.

Being able to see these little changes has lifted my motivation, as numbers aren’t changing very much on the scale. While I understand that it is muscle gain, but sometimes we just cant fight that little negativity in the mind.

But here’s to the next four weeks and hopefully there will be some more changes that I am able to see. Although, I’m glad that even if I can’t see it, people around me can and do mention it.

As for now, I’m going to continue to walk and sit like an old grandma as my legs are feeling like jelly.

Until next week. Aidos ~

Friday, 19 May 2017

F45 8 Week Challenge: Week 3, Inquisitive Me

I knew it, I tried to do a weekly post on my journey and second week in I already failed to keep it up. But in saying that, it was probably because I didn’t have anything to say.

I only managed to go train twice in week two. Sad.

Week three just passed, and I strived for better. I booked myself into a class everyday instantly so I will make myself go …

But training aside, I have a really big question mark floating in my head.

Am I just madly devoted to food or am I just born to be unhealthy? Or perhaps I’m just impatient. But three weeks in and I don’t get that feeling everyone talks about. The feeling I’m talking about is how my body feels so clean and refreshed and I will never go back to eating unhealthy again.

In fact, I may or may not be sitting here counting down to when I can go out and have a nice little treat. I may or may not have friends who contacted me to see when this ends so we can have a catch up over food…

But what I can understand is, if you do have a little treat – you could feel guilty and feel like crap for not being strong enough to give into temptation. But feeling cleaner? I’m not sure … Am I asking this question too early?

Guess time will tell and at the end of my eight weeks, when I go and catch up with all my friends over food I will have a better answer then …

Week three is all about questions. But I think I secretly know my own answer...

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I’m born for the fat life, the struggle is real.

Until next time, aidos ~

Monday, 8 May 2017

F45 8 Week Challenge: Week 1, Done

If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you would know that I have taken up the F45 8 Week Challenge. I was thinking I haven’t been active on the blog for close to a year, so it should be fine if I don’t blog. But then, I remembered – the reason I started this blog was because I could write basically anything I wanted, not only my food adventures.

So, I welcome you all to my 8-week journey.

I’m not sure what I’ll be writing about, but perhaps just an online journal, back to the basics of how I’m feeling through the whole process.

Monday. Weigh-in day, as The Biggest Loser would call it. But it was more so, just a body scan to see my fat percentage and all the nitty and gritty inside information we seem to forget about.

Nervous as hell, I stepped on the scales – it wasn’t as bad as I expected, but of course there is plenty of kilos for improvement. But the next step was surely one to scare me most, the photos (Yes, they’re not going to be posted at all). I didn’t even have the courage to look at them until the next day, and I did only because I was forced to. But it is a good thing, cause now I know whenever I feel slack and don’t want to go to train, I’ll have this to tell myself: look at those photos and think again.

Thus far, every day training has been amazing. I have previously participated in F45 classes, so I’ve always enjoyed their circuit training. But the pain, the morning after the first day – I honestly felt like someone had used me as a punching bag.

Then there is food, my love for food is really being tested. Do I love food more or do I love myself more? Well, my usual answer would be:

Cassie, you love yourself so feed yourself what you love.

But no, that’s just taking the easy way out and making myself feel better for giving in. I guess, this is also a lesson for the power of the mind.

I apologise for the lack of photos in this post, as I realised I wanted to document this half way through the week. I’ll attempt for more imagery next week forward.

Until next week, adios~