Thursday, 25 May 2017

F45 8 Week Challenge: Week 4, Squat Some More

Time is actually flying by much faster than I expected it to have been. Eight weeks really is nothing, who would have thought I’m now right bam in the middle of it all. I made it guys; I have survived four weeks of physical and mental pain.

F45 introduced some new programs this week, and it is intense! All I can say is, I’m glad I joined before, cause if I was to join now I probably would feel defeated. Feel that I’m so unfit and will never be able to achieve any goals.

So, I’m usually quite horrible when trying to see changes in my body, and in the past few weeks I still couldn’t see anything. But low and behold, this week is the week I have noticed a few changes. Here is my little list:
Boobs: Why must the boobs be the first place women lose weight. It was the one place I was hoping that would be untouched, although I knew the harsh reality…
Booty: This is a time when I have a love/hate relationship with squats. Goodbye saggy backside and hello to the peachy booty.

Being able to see these little changes has lifted my motivation, as numbers aren’t changing very much on the scale. While I understand that it is muscle gain, but sometimes we just cant fight that little negativity in the mind.

But here’s to the next four weeks and hopefully there will be some more changes that I am able to see. Although, I’m glad that even if I can’t see it, people around me can and do mention it.

As for now, I’m going to continue to walk and sit like an old grandma as my legs are feeling like jelly.

Until next week. Aidos ~


  1. You're doing so well! Add oil! the four weeks are gonna zoom past

  2. Whoooooo!!!!!! You're doing fantastic :)

  3. 8 weeks is too soon to see real number change but definitely you'll feel you get stronger.
    I find what helped me most was to know the rough calories of the things I'm eating (google is my best friend). That way I know if I've indulged in one way, I'll eat less or skip the next meal. That way I don't have to give up social life, or good food altogether. Like you, I love my food a little too much.