Friday, 19 May 2017

F45 8 Week Challenge: Week 3, Inquisitive Me

I knew it, I tried to do a weekly post on my journey and second week in I already failed to keep it up. But in saying that, it was probably because I didn’t have anything to say.

I only managed to go train twice in week two. Sad.

Week three just passed, and I strived for better. I booked myself into a class everyday instantly so I will make myself go …

But training aside, I have a really big question mark floating in my head.

Am I just madly devoted to food or am I just born to be unhealthy? Or perhaps I’m just impatient. But three weeks in and I don’t get that feeling everyone talks about. The feeling I’m talking about is how my body feels so clean and refreshed and I will never go back to eating unhealthy again.

In fact, I may or may not be sitting here counting down to when I can go out and have a nice little treat. I may or may not have friends who contacted me to see when this ends so we can have a catch up over food…

But what I can understand is, if you do have a little treat – you could feel guilty and feel like crap for not being strong enough to give into temptation. But feeling cleaner? I’m not sure … Am I asking this question too early?

Guess time will tell and at the end of my eight weeks, when I go and catch up with all my friends over food I will have a better answer then …

Week three is all about questions. But I think I secretly know my own answer...

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I’m born for the fat life, the struggle is real.

Until next time, aidos ~


  1. Good for you Cass! Life is meant to be enjoyed so as long as you're healthy and exercising! I think it's important that we eat the foods we enjoy and don't deprive ourselves. It always tends to be a quick fix otherwise. Also.... totes got a muscle sprain/swollen tendon in my right shoulder. Definitely shouldn't have trained the other day! Hahaha. No F45 for me for a week or so :(

  2. Thanks Bianca! :) I can't wait to train myself to the ideal goal and then eat myself silly ... haha! Let the blog feel full again/
    I really hope your shoulder gets better and you can power on and try these new programs! They're so intensely good. Another love/hate moment. :)