Monday, 2 February 2015

Bowery Lane, Sydney

Girls just wanna have fun,
Ohh, girls just wanna have fun,
They just want to have fun…

Yes, us girls just want to have fun. So much fun that we can laugh so hard and so much that our bellies hurt. Bowery Lane would have to be one of those many restaurants which have marked some of our  great memories.

After spending a whole week in Fiji with my 16 year old cousin, I realised that she did not have her earphones in her ears, at all. And I emphasise that this is a big thing as for the past two to three years she had always her ears covered. Her reply, “It was a phase…”

Fries $7

A phase, now that really gets me thinking as to what the new phase could possibly be for us to find out all these awesome places for us to indulge. As now, I find all that I want on social media, namely instagram. That was how I knew I wanted to come to Bowery Lane.

Olives $7

Chips and olives were ordered to keep our bellies well fed whilst we waited for our girls to all finish up their day’s work before the Christmas holidays began. As we all know how those last few days could be rather vital.

Manchengo croquettes $14

The manchengo croquettes were all ways cheesy with a slight spicy kick with chilli flakes. The crumby crunch on the outside and fluffy cheesy potato insides made is a very morish start to our meal.

Soft shell crab burger $22

We were all prepared to order a soft shell crab burger each, but the waitress advised us to share the burger and get a bigger variety. Which is true, what were greedy us thinking – a no sharing policy! Deep fried soft shell crab with a light batter on a bed of Asian slaw, the miso mayo comes on the side so you can add as little or as much as you would like. But the tangy slaw from the burger and sweetness from the mayo makes this burger very morish, as I anticipate another bite.

Jamon Serrano $19

The jamon served with buffalo mozzarella, witlof rocket and shaved pear was fresh and tasty. Thinly sliced ready to be eaten in one bite with all elements.

Pork Cotoletta $27

Slaw (comes with pork)

It is almost like a pork schnitzel only that the breadcrumb layer is thin. The pork was a little gamey, so if you aren’t someone that can take it, this may not be the dish for you. If you are someone that doesn’t mind it all too much, the garlic aioli can somehow overpower that taste.

Braised wage beef ribs $58

Oh my, then we have the melt in your mouth soft wagyu beef ribs! We were all so full and looking at a plate of meat was making us all the more full. However, after putting it in our mouth we were all in a little moment of heaven. Though, there were a quite a bit of fat around the sides. Guess that could be why the meat could be so juicy too.

Strawberry shortcake $13

I feel like if it’s not deconstructed, it’s not fancy. So it’s no surprise to see the strawberry shortcake deconstructed. Served with vanilla bean ice cream and macerated berries. It’s delicious and it’s a challenge not to demolish the meringue like pieces when sharing a dessert.

Now, Miss FJ and I sort of missed out on dessert because we could not stop our giggles. When one tries to say mascarpone but is not too sure how to pronounce it, they merely trail off quietly – and when another catches that and corrects it, all hell breaks loose. Eye contact only makes it harder once you catch your breath. Yes, you can get the gist of what amuses our minds and why we all have such a laugh over… nothing.

Jar of cookies and cream $13

So by the time we can contain ourselves, the other girls have pretty much demolished everything. I tell you, there is no mercy when it comes to food between us. But sitting beneath the mixed berries lies honeycomb, vanilla and dark chocolate. Through the few spoonfuls had, I managed to get enough of a taste test that this was a devilishly good dessert. Perhaps it was for the better that we missed out, the other girls were just caring…

Sauteed greens $9

So what you and your friends like when it comes to food, would they sit and wait for you to finish your moment before eating? Or would they be like mine, just dig in until they are done?

Hit Wagyu short rib
Miss Pork Cotoletta

Bowery Lane
Shop 1, Level 4,
1 O’Connell Street

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  1. Replies
    1. I know right, just thinking about it has me salivating! :D

  2. I've heard such good things about this place and those beef ribs look incredible :D

    1. Oh you must pay a visit when you can and have those beef ribs ^^

  3. Baby I want to take the soft shell burger home with me now!

    1. hahahahaha oh you wouldnt make it home! You'd demolish it then and there! ;) better that way

  4. A jar of cookies n cream? It is like a dream come true :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. hahahahahaha I know right! all happiness is in that jar ;)

  5. me thinks I still need a soft shell crab burger all to myself mmm mmm

    P.S our version of waiting for your moment to pass was us slowing down so something was still left for you two bhhaha

  6. Added to my wishlist - that cup of dessert looks great!