Saturday, 1 July 2017

F45 8 Week Challenge: Results

So, it’s been a week now since I’ve had my weigh in and now it’s time to reveal the results.

So the numbers did not come up with too much difference but here goes …

I lost a total of 4.4kgs but with muscle gain, it comes up that I have lost 5kgs of fat.

However, as my trainer told me at the start of the challenge to set myself a goal, I did. My goal was to drop a dress size, and before the end of the challenge – I had actually achieved it. I also daringly tried the size smaller, while it fits, I do believe I am more so in between sizes right now.

Here’s to reaching a new size by November.

How do I feel about the results?

Disappointed? Not so much. But I know I could have done better, because I had maybe one too many sneaky and cheeky meals and snacks towards the end of the challenge. I did feel I let it slip once I got compliments, and remarks on results. I know right, it should actually encourage me more, but I work differently. Born for lazy life. 

Will I sign up to the next challenge? 

I can. But in saying that, while I’m trying to achieve this I’m actually still eating these meal preps and living life when I go out. Lifestyle change? I guess you can say that.

How do I feel?

Body wise, I do sort of feel the same. I mean, as I mentioned last week, the body does get stronger. But I do feel that I feel a little more confident in myself. Guess seeing the results, you’re able to feel better about yourself.

Goal weight. Goal size.

Come at me.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me, I will now try to be good and come back with some more food posts.


  1. Outstanding efforts in the last few weeks! Look forward to reading the next few posts for the upcoming challenge!! xx

  2. 5kg is amazing!!!! You did well!!! I only lost like 2.5kg on my first challenge and it's all muscle lost. It was disheartening but I learned from there to put in more effort. Congratulation!!! It is all about changing lifestyle from here on. You can do it, baby! Looking great!

  3. I find it's important to allow reward and cheat snacks, especially when you love food. I do. If I deprive myself I just get depressed and tempted to give up. But when I allow myself good food and social life, I know I just have to work harder in the gym next time and eat better the next day. You may think "you could have done better" but those cheat snacks gave you the motivation to keep going. Nobody can work work work push push push without rest. It's not mentally possible.