Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Hello Kitty Diner; Chatswood

It’s a childhood dream come true, Hello Kitty coming to life! Although, Hello Kitty restaurants are found in numerous Asian countries, that’s beside the point as it is now accessible in SYDNEY!

It’s still the first week since they officially opened their doors, and expecting the queue to be rather long, Miss CC and I planned to arrive there early but ended up getting there at 11am, as the doors opened. The queue really was not as bad as we had expected, we got in about 11.30am and it's mainly because people didn't know what they wanted so they took a long time ordering. But I heard the wait can be an hour long any later.

No missed opportunity while queuing for a photo with HK!
You either order your sweets with your mains at the counter, or you go to the end of the queue and do it all again if you want to enjoy your savory and sweets separately.

Cinnamon waffles, apple ice cream, salted caramel $8

So what arrived first? The cinnamon waffles; the waffles has a great amount of cinnamon and were fluffy with a slight crispy exterior. The salted caramel drizzled on top was a nice touch but could have done with a tad more sauce and the ice cream though lacking that apple kick, just completed the dish.

The maple $13

Next that arrived on the table was Miss CC’s maple burger. She notes that she failed to taste the pink lady apple slaw, a little bit of a downer for her.

Miss ebi $14

Miss Ebi then arrives, the bun is nice and soft, the prawns were a little on the salty side though there is that slight crisp when bitten into. I enjoyed the kick in the chipotle mayonnaise, though personally I did not find the slaw working too well with the prawns.

Chocolate brownie, peanut butter ice cream, banana foam $8

But we did indulge on the chocolate brownie sundae. The banana was one to not be missed with the subtle peanut butter ice cream, it all balanced so well with flavour.

Southern fried chicken, waffles, bourbon barrelled maple syrup $10

I would say that the fried chicken and waffles can actually be a miss, the waffle texture just didn’t work for us in anyway. It was a little disappointing, as the cinnamon waffles were fluffy, yet there was nothing fluffy about the waffles here. The spice ingredient in the chicken was over powering, as it was a little hard to taste maple syrup though it was clearly there.

Sweet potato fries with miso mayonnaise $10

We did order a lot, but thankfully the dishes were small. I was thinking if we needed the sweet potato fries, but Miss CC wanted them. They were tasty, but not crunchy. I am not sure if the intention is not to have any crunchy elements, because there is definitely no evidence of crunch. So if you are after crunchy and fluffy sweet potato fries, I suggest you give this a miss.

I understand it’s their first week into trading, but our drinks arrived a good while after we had finished our meal. And we had ordered a fair bit. So we’re excited about the hello kitty soda, and I ask the staff that is standing at the front of the queue.

“What’s the Hello Kitty soda?”
“It’s a hello kitty flavoured soda”
“… and what’s that flavour?”
“It’s fruity, like apple…”

Hello Kitty diner soda $5

Miss CC would call it a candy drink. We weren’t able to spot the fruity-ness, I would probably say it’s like the Japanese lemonade, only that it’s not as sweet.

Salted pretzel milkshake $8

The salted pretzel milkshake has little bits of pretzel inside which is nice when their small enough to go through the straw for a little texture and bite but could get annoying towards the end when the bigger pieces just constantly blocked you from drinking as it blocked your straw.

Overall, Hello Kitty Diner is cute, and a childhood dream come true. The sweets menu was much preferred, but it is their first week (I keep emphasising this, opps...?) of trading and I am sure they’re still in the process of getting things together and finding their system of it all.

Are you a fan of Hello Kitty? And what would be your childhood dream come true?

Hello Kitty Diner
The District, Chatswood Interchange
436 Victoria Ave,

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  1. Oh Gee, It sounds very disappointing... although I know my 8 year old daughter would think it is fabulous!! I can't imagine how crazy she would go if I took her here... I think we would have to dress her in Hello Kitty, and take her Hello Kitty bag. As terrible as it sounds to me, I have a feeling we will be visiting!
    Thanks so much for sharing
    Gourmet Getaways

    1. Apparently the cheeseburger is better, hopefully you'll have a better experience when you go :)
      But I do think a visit will be made regardless, just because we all are that little bit curious, but that is so cute, definitely have to go dressed as Hello Kitty XD

  2. It sounds more cute than great food? I find a lot of theme stuff like that though. Except in Japan where it is great!

    1. Very true, all for novelty really! But that's also what sucks us all in ... yes, Japan, a place where nothing will ever disappoint. I actually would have liked to see more Hello Kitty shaped food haha!

  3. BTW super cute IG pic of you guys at the end :)

  4. lol the Hello Kitty flavoured soda sounds a little disturbing if you think about it too much. Haha. It's a cute concept althouh I never really pictured Hello Kitty eating burgers but nibbling on cupcakes instead ;)

    1. hahahaha now that you put it that way, it sure does Helen!!
      Guess they're going with the market and burger loves these days with the menu ;)

  5. I guess it's all about the theatrical idea of dining in a Hello Kitty themed cafe which is the most exciting part! Those bows on top of the burgers are too cute though!

    1. Very much so! Also the biggest reason to pull us all in to visit and spend the moolah! I would totally buy their merch if they sell it too! I don't cook, but I totally love their apron!! haha!