Tuesday, 3 November 2015

La Buvette, Potts Point

I need self-control during these warmer weathers coming up because I would probably be spotted in a café indulging on some brunch menu.

I say that, yet my brunch dates started even before Spring arrived, as I was getting excited with the Sydney weather tease a few months back. #fatlife This is when Miss CC and I were found at Potts Points’, La Buvette. Located just opposite The Fish Shop.

Green eggs and ham $15 (haloumi $4.50)
Miss CC was captivated by the green eggs and ham, I would be too but I thought I would leave that with her. This is not what I was expecting as I guess my mind had Devon’s version implanted. We also ordered a side of haloumi, because,why not?

Scrambled eggs and toast $9.50 (chorizo $4)

I have been going for the more simple and traditional breakfasts as of late, no idea why, and here I am saying I love my brunch menus right? The scrambled eggs were fluffy and not over cooked, adding a side of chorizo for good measure.

French toast with grilled banana and maple syrup $14.50 (+bacon $4.50)

But here is why we really popped by La Buvette, the French toast with a side of bacon, because it won’t go bacon my heart now. Drizzled with maple syrup the sweetness was broken with the bits of bacon saltiness, the French toast was fluffy. I was smitten.

I am in love with this whole bacon as a sweet, whoever decided on this has my all due respect, because bacon.

La Buvette
35 Challis Ave,
Potts Point

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  1. Oooooh the French toast looks fantastic!! Haloumi ALWAYS makes everything better!!!

  2. mmmm need to go back for the haloumi and green eggs and that lovely french toast that will never ever bacon my heart, well except when it clogs my fatty arteries :p

  3. French toast with bananas and bacon is my weakness. This version looks very tempting!