Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Saigon BBQ, Flemington

Not many of my friends are aware of this but for the first few years of my life I was raised in suburbs of Flemington by my late ah mar (grandmother from dad’s side), and had an abundant of local Vietnamese restaurants across the road from me.

We still returned to the local Vietnamese restaurant after my grandmother passed, and that I had a younger sibling. It was then pho and my brother obtained a love/hate relationship with me. That slippery noodle always slid off my chopsticks before it even reached my mouth really annoyed my rumbling belly.

But I watched this restaurant change managements, and we never returned but the other day my parents and I walked passed and I was a little saddened to see that the shop front had not only changed completely but it the last restaurant there was well … the last.

So, being in Flemington – dad finds it hard to choose a restaurant to go in to. But we had found ourselves in Saigon BBQ on this cool autumn day. I mean, this perfect for pho day. Pho sure!

Iced lemon tea $3

Mum gets an iced lemon tea; it’s got a quick zing before the palate is hit with the lemon sweetness.

Vietnamese spring rolls $10

The spring rolls are super crispy, it’s actually rare to get such a crunch and it’s addicting. There are notes of vermicelli and bits of meat. But that crunch totally has us biting in for more.

Deep fried chicken and rice $11

I don’t think I’ve ever blogged with dad before, so he wasn’t very used to the whole, camera eats first. “By the time you’re done, it’s going to get cold,” Another love/hate, he can be such a kid at times but it’s rather amusing. He finds the tomato rice a little tasteless, which he is a little disappointed about.

Combination beef noodle soup $10

Ah por (grandma from mum’s side), mum and myself went with the combination beef noodle soup. I know, so much for variety right? I’ve forgotten the hate I had with pho because it brings out more love for me now, as I remember how my uncle used to cut the noodles smaller for me to just spoon and it. So if anything, I have even more love for pho. There is a generous serving with meats, tripe and loins. It made my belly all warm and fuzzy. Although my main disappointment is that the beef had already come cooked, and not raw. I’m not sure why, but Iove seeing the thin slices of red beef waiting for me to dip into the burning hot soup to cook as I eat…

It’s so sad to know that something I had grown up with, watch change constantly has now gone. I do anticipate seeing what may take over in the future, but for now … I’ll hold onto those memories.

Have you ever had a restaurant you grew up with and it’s now gone?

Saigon BBQ
90 The Crescent

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  1. I always used to go past this place but I was never tempted to go in. Sad that I won't have the chance to try it now :(

    1. Aww maybe when you pop back into Flemington, one day?

  2. Hehe, that's not only dads but a whole lot of them won't understand the shoot first, eat later policy. Guess we all better adapt and do shoot fast before food gets cold which is true anyway :). Drooling over that deep fried chicken!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

    1. ROFL, just the male species yeah? :P they love their food, must say my brother is really good with it though. He tells the gf to wait for me first haha! Very considerate one.
      mmm... crispy chicken! :D

  3. OMG yes the slippery noodles! Something you bring a whole lot to your face and they slip right back into the soup :P

    1. HAHAHAHAH omg yes, now that you mention I certainly have been smacked back as well!

  4. I need that fried chicken!!!

  5. Dear Cassie,

    Our fave restaurant along this strip is Cao Thang which does a great stir fried rice noodles with beef and Spore noodles. Unfortunately, there aren't any pho of notable standard in Flemo.

    1. I do agree, there aren't any pho along the Flemo strip that really calls out to me that much, but they're not exactly THAT bad either... just not OMG I NEED IT AGAIN!
      But will keep in mind to check out Cao Thang next time I'm in Flemo... :)

  6. Flemington is one of my old haunts too - I remember many an outing with grandma and grandpa to have pho and stir fried beef noodles! We still go there often for family noodle lunches, and it's so cheap and cheerful too!