Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Vicinity, Alexandria

Every year we spend Mother’s day on the Monday after, not because it is easier to get a table and not have as many others around us but because we enjoy the day by bonding together as a family. And I use the word bonding loosely, because we all know family can never work together blissfully under stressed circumstances. But we all forget about those disagreements once the night ends.

This year, we enjoy a $63 three-course meal at Vicinity.

“So, where are you all from?” This always makes me pause, hoping the person that asks will elaborate on whether they mean where I physically live or what my nationality is. And I love the fact that on this lovely cold autumn’s night, the question seemed to be directed at the woman who runs our household. We all sit, watch and wait for her answer.

“... Sydney ...?” BAM! She answered. Although, it was evident she also wasn’t sure whether she answered correctly.

I loved the fact that mother can finally share an experience with me and understand how it feels. To not just live it through my words, she sure is growing up right before my eyes.

Mussels Kilpatrick

Speaking of growing up fast, my father learns fast, because his dish was pushed towards me before I even ask him. I love Worcestershire sauce (or ‘pick me up’ as referred in my household) and the way it mixes with bacon when cooked with oysters, or in this case mussels.

Garlic prawns

The brother went with the garlic prawns, and was dipping into the sauce. I’m sure he would have licked the bowl clean if possible.

Escargots (12)

The mother and I went with escargots, because we always do when we see it on the menu. Hidden in their shells, we clip and pick it out, doused in garlic sauce and we enjoy the little snail. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure whether I order it just for the sauce…

And because it seems as though we all love garlic, there is no going away with a order of garlic bread, because we should spread that love. The bread is toasted, and gives us a lovely crunchy bite.

Miss DT loves fries, and so do I. There was no stopping us, thinly cut fries in a tin bucket with a side of aioli has the whole table grabbing for more.

And a side of fresh greens, mixed with balsamic vinegar is ordered for everyone.

I believe the three course meal comes with a side of vegies as well as I personally do not remember ordering it.

And because I love sweet potato fries, I ordered a side of these babies too. The insides were simply soft and fluffy.

Miss DT went with the spaghetti with king prawns it was fresh with a touch of lemon and that delicious mix of garlic.

I went with pork belly, no surprise there. There was a nice crack, not hard to break perhaps a little chewy but I’ve experienced far worse. The cumin and spice veal jus was a little sweet, but lucky there was the salty balance from the crackling so it was not too overpowering.

Dessert time, and we go all out. All because we want everything! And we had granny with us too so her order was an extra choice as she didn’t want anything. Crème caramel tasted like home, it was just like mum’s homemade crème caramel with the bitter caramel and smooth pudding, with a side of crème fresh.

Dad goes to his traditional chocolate mousse, it was nice that it was a dark chocolate – so it means all the more healthier, right? Right.

Another that mum makes regularly, a pavlova. The meringue has a nice hard shell, and the fluffy cooked egg whites hidden inside. The passionfruit’s sourness helps break through the sweetness throughout the meringue. It was mum’s order and she enjoyed it thoroughly, somewhat forgetting to share until a spoon was headed towards her dish.

I went with the crème brulee and yes; there was a beautiful crack when my spoon broke through. Crunch burnt sugar mixed with the velvety smooth baked pudding was simply delectable.

The desserts were definitely the highlight for the table all round.

So, how do you usually spend your Mother’s day and tell me, have you ever experienced being asked “where are you from?” and what went through your mind?

Hit: Pavlova
Miss: Pork belly

Update: Vicinity closed on August 2015

90-96 Bourke Street, (Cnr Collins St)

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  1. The pavlova is calling my name!

  2. that creme brulee looks amazing!

  3. Hehe, your mum sounds awesome. I had someone ask me that recently as well. Somewhere in Sydney.. I thought it was odd, I didn't think I looked like a tourist. I found Vicinity a little hit and miss when I went last time. I had the burger and was massively underwhelmed.

  4. Can never resist prawns with spaghetti. And lol I agree - the best part about snails is the garlic butter sauce!

  5. Hehe I always get confused by that question too and what they mean by it! :P The desserts look gret!