Friday, 4 July 2014

Xage Vietnamese, Surry Hills

After our sweet fix at Stix Desserts, being the sweet tooth girl she is, Miss MC exclaimed that she could skip dinner and go for another round of desserts instead. But excuse me, after seeing the Xage menu – I wanted a proper dinner, thank you very much.

However, have you ever seen a menu for a restaurant and simply get thrilled at the idea of it yet when dining, have a completely different experience?

Would that be due to our minds getting all worked up, giving expectations when there were not meant to be any to begin with?

Duck fillet summer rolls with hoisin peanut sauce $12
We started off with the duck fillet summer rolls; I understand why they would use a hoisin peanut sauce as it gives that peking duck feeling and taste but it was a bit too sweet. The rolls were fresh, and the duck was delicious, but I just wasn’t a fan of the sauce and unfortunately rice paper rolls are bland without sauce, so it didn’t really work hand in hand very well. No win-lose situation here.

Crispy chicken spring rolls $8.90

I read the crispy chicken spring rolls and was really excited to see how the chicken would be crispy inside spring rolls. Though, after ordering I sat and re-thought my own thoughts and voiced out my concern, “I think it means crispy spring rolls with chicken…” my concerns were right. The thin spring rolls offered a nice crunch with stringy bits of chicken. Let’s just agree that sauces aren't exactly their forte. The fish sauce was rather sweet ...

Caramelised slow cooked berkshire pork shoulder $19.50 (signature)

Having a fairly low start, Miss MC and I were hopeful that the pork shoulder in their speciality would help bring up our experience. The pork was soft and tender; it fell apart at the touch of our spoons. The sauce is borderline sweet, but that’s ok if you eat it with some rice and if you want a bit more kick to it – add some fresh chilli (which could also be found throughout the dish). The coriander helped give it that little bit more flavor as well as a fresh crunch from the raw beanshoots.

We saw plates of salt and pepper squid walk past us and we got ahead of ourselves and added a plate to our order.

Salt and pepper squid with shallot and chilli $18.90 (signature)

Battered squid and vegetables were served, and seasoned well. I enjoyed my squid, or rather I thought I did until something was amiss. The squid was way too soft for my liking. I know right, why would you complain about it being soft? I guess I don't really enjoy how my squid does not have the elasticity a squid should have. To me, it just didn’t feel right. But by all means, if you do like squid that is of soft 'melt in your mouth' like, go for this dish! 

Maybe we ordered the wrong food, or maybe I had worked up my own expectations, which made me feel like I didn’t enjoy the food. I’m not too sure. 

So tell me, have you ever experienced something like this before? Being excited yet walking out feeling a little flattened?

Hit: -
Miss: Duck fillet summer rolls

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  1. That pork shoulder sounds incredible but a shame the meal was an overall disappointment for you. There's nothing sadder than a disappointing meal!

    1. Yes, makes you feel unsatisfied on so many levels :(
      But yes the pork shoulder did "shine" amongst the other dishes...