Friday, 19 September 2014

Connoisseur: The empire collection

I may or may not need to make a confession,
It could also be a premonition,
That I think I have a new addiction,
To connoisseur: the empire collection.

The launch of the new empire collection of connoisseur is here!! And to celebrate this connoisseur are giving out a free scoop of ice cream!! Did someone say a free scoop of ice cream? Um… I am so there.

And you got that right! The first day of this promotion, Wednesday 17th September after work – Miss CC and I were standing to an empty store without a queue and the inner impatient part of us were squealing with happiness! The perks of first day goodies! But we were told they had a big rush after school, guess kiddies also got a sweet treat for the day.

So, four new flavours are released inspired by historical characters! Emperor jing zong which is red bean with coconut. Emperor Nero, which consists of decadent coffee, chocolate coated hazelnuts and hazelnut liquor. King Cyrus of Persia is pistachio with cinnamon, honey and dates. Last we have King Louis XIV which is French vanilla with chocolate flakes and Armagnac sauce.

Four flavours, two girls and only one free scoop each –a wise choice had to be made.  We chose Emperor Nero and King Cyrus of Persia. Must say, I didn’t quite enjoy King Cyrus, nothing against him but the flavours did not quite hit me well. However, Emperor Nero on the other hand was quite a gentleman, offering bites of hazelnut was good along with the bittersweet coffee. Another scoop would have been nice.

If you want your free scoop, then be sure to hit them up before the 21st of September! I’m not sure how the queues will be holding up now, but for a Wednesday at 5.30pm, I reckon we were pretty lucky to beat any rush that was to be had.

And remember to hashtag #empirecollection with your instagram photo upload for your chance to win a tub of these goodies for the day!

I love free things, especially when they’re right up my alley of loves! How about you? I mean, no one would ever say no to anything free right?

… Except perhaps a free loader …

Connoisseur Empire Collection
17th September – 21st September 2014
blank_space gallery
374 Crown Street,
Surry Hills

Opening hours
Friday 19th Sept: 11am – 9pm
Saturday 20th Sept: 11am – 9pm
Sunday 21st Sept: 12pm – 8pm


  1. Oh interesting about the King Cyrus-what is in that flavour? :)

    1. It was pistachio based, and I was thinking why after you asked as well and realized that it's because I gave hit and misses with particular pistachio flavours sometimes ...

  2. Woohoo, free ice cream! I'd probably sample the Emperor Nero, as you liked it. And...King Louis?

    Gourmet Getaways

    1. Hehe don't take my word for it, you may like the other flavours more ;) I didn't get to try king Louis unfortunately but it sounded like choc chip ... Perhaps an exotic version?

  3. Saw these at the supermarket recently. Didn't think there'd be a market for red bean ice cream among the general public but hoping I'm proved wrong! lol

    1. Haha I agree I think maybe I should reconsider and try the red bean flavor now ...

  4. Dear Cassie,

    The ads on TV for this ice-cream are very enticing!

    1. I haven't seen the ad yet, should probably try and watch some tv ><

  5. i missed out on this, cant wait to see the new flavours in store!

    1. awww, but it wasn't around long enough for people to get around to. Less than a week really isn't long enough :( But yes, would be nice to see them in store!