Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Daisy's Milkbar, Petersham

I finally made it to Daisy’s Milkbar,
When it has always been admired from afar,
They totally deserve to be a star,
As I will not be saying au revoir

I love holidays, because it means I go on food adventures without the craze of seeing too many people. So, having driven past Daisy’s Milkbar numerous times, it has always been on my list and when with Aunty JS and stinky last time they had mentioned they would love to come as well. Then I saw dessertified’s post and knew I just had to make my way over.

Walking into the milk bar, it simply makes me happy to see the pastel theme, because I am such a girl like that. You are first met with the cordial stand where you may help yourself with cordial.

We were lucky to have beat the little lunch rush, and made it for a booth towards the back of the café.

Vanilla malt & caramel milkshake $5

We start with our drinks, you’re at a milk bar – so we cannot justify not ordering a milkshake right? I got the vanilla malt and the malt is really distinctive which it reminded me of something really familiar, yet I could not pinpoint what it was. Sitting there, determined to find that familiar taste, I figured it tasted just like Horlicks, which makes perfect sense…

Eggs benny roll $9

Aunty JS ordered the eggs benny roll and enjoyed it thoroughly, she noted that the brioche bun was nice and fluffy, and who would not enjoy their roll when their eggs offer them some egg porn right?

Toastie $8

Stinky got a toastie, which she enjoyed though noted that there was not enough cheese.

Mac & cheese $5
But I’ll tell you what was cheesy, the mac and cheese. Served in a rustic mug, stinky digs her fork in, eats it and states, “Oh, it’s so cheesy!” (I think we have a future food blogger here…)  So I suggested for her to add some mac and cheese into her toastie, which she declines at first but later notice she did add it in.

Reuben Sandwich $14
My reuben sandwich was amazing! I loved the crisp crunch the pickles offered along with the corned beef and swiss cheese. There wasn’t a lot of sauerkraut and I was perfectly ok with that, as I am not much of a fan of it.

Mini sundae $8

Ok, my eyes were totally set on ordering the chocolate fudge sundae, but my stomach was telling me there was no possible way it could fit in. So, I had to be practical so we went with the mini sundae. This humble little bowl was actually pretty darn delicious! The cream helped break the sweetness from the warm chocolate fudge and ice cream and the hidden almond flakes gave that amazing nutty trace as well as a nice bite.

Walking out, I noticed the shelves by the front door selling old school candies as well as some tea and coffee. I’m super in love with the décor, and will definitely be back sometime soon (hopefully) to devour that chocolate fudge sundae!

Hit Sundae
Miss Toastie

Daisy's Milkbar
340 Stanmore Road,

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  1. Dear Cassie,

    How cute is that eggs benny roll and the Mac cheese definitely looks very cheesy!!

    1. It is very cute!! :) and yes, it was nice and cheesy, it couldn't have been any better :)

  2. This is one of the cutest milk bars I've seen in a long time! Love the cordial bar and also the look of the sundae!!! Everything looks beautiful!

    1. It is very cutesy and girly, which makes me love it so much more! :)
      The sundae was very good!! But yes, very pleased with the look and food here

  3. woahh that mac and cheese looks super cheesy <3

    1. and super cheesy it was :D
      and a pretty generous serving too!

  4. Aaaah need to go here!!! I swear it has been on my list forever - that mini sundae looks like HEAVEN :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. pwahaha you do indeed!! make your way over and don't over order your meal so you can fit in that sundae!

  5. the cordial stand is so cute! would love to try that mac and cheese!

    1. i know right! when i saw it, i was like "i need a photo!!" haha!
      mac and cheese has sort of made it to a must order for some reason ... haha

  6. How great are those old school lollies? And I love the egg yolk porn shot :P

    1. amazing! i was like, childhood right there in a milkbar! yes please! hahaha!!
      pwahaha thank you, egg porn is always lovely to capture ;)

  7. been wanting to go here for so long! enjoyed their pop up at world square last week. so much cuteness!

    1. you should schedule in a day! or you can always ask me to accompany you and we can devour that sundae together!! :D
      I missed their pop up store unfortunately :(