Thursday, 16 October 2014

Cider and Slider: Harbour Rocks Hotel

Slider: Grass-fed beef slider with onion relish, bacon, lettuce and chilli barbecue sauce
Cider: Thatchers Gold (accompanied with all sliders)
Cost: $10
Available: Oct 1- 31 | 12:00pm – 09:00pm

After our pre-dinner dessert at Shangri-La, Miss CC and I walked over to the Harbour Rocks Hotel for our dinner for the night. Completely taking advantage of the Good Food Month, we decided dinner would be a cider and slider! Being strategic with location as our dessert was going to be at the Marriott.

The interior had me in awe, a bookshelf sitting towards the back of the bar for some reason made me feel like I had stepped into the library from Beauty and the Beast, only not as awesome. But getting that feeling of being in my ultimate favourite Disney made me a happy girl.

We chose to sit out in the terrace, though we were met with the back of buildings, and knowing the multi million dollar view was just behind it all did not seem to bother me at all. As a matter of fact, it felt very tranquil; it was a rather intriguing feeling.

The cider was rather sharp when you first take a sip, hardly sweet. I’m so used to my sweet ciders. However, after a few more drinks you get accustomed to it and that it becomes rather refreshing.

The slider finally arrives and my oh my! The beef patty was so tender, moist and juicy. The sweetness of the barbecue sauce complimented the subtle chilli, with the slight fresh crunch of lettuce with bacon! Who does not love bacon, cooked to perfection on mine but Miss CC had a little trouble biting hers as it was a little too cooked.

Shoestring fries with rosemary salt and mayo $9

A slider isn’t exactly enough to fill us, and we were ready to order more from the menu however there wasn’t too much variety so we chose a side of shoestring fries. They come and we are devouring the thinly cut fries. Miss CC and I seem to have a shared fondness for shoestring fries over thickly cut chips. Dipping in the tomato sauce we realised it seemed strange, and once we got half way through, we realised it was actually meant to come with mayo. Not sure what had happened in the kitchen for us to have tomato sauce when the menu had stated mayo, but Miss CC went to get that cleared up and we got our side of mayo, which was a little too subtle in flavour or that our palate had already been accustomed to the sweet tomato sauce.

So what types of chips do you prefer, shoestring fries or thick cut potato chips? And do you like to eat your chips with tomato sauce or something a little more fancy?

Miss CC tells me to note down that Night Noodle Market is chargjng $8.50 for a glass of tap thatchers and here at Harbour rocks hotel you get a 500ml bottle and a slider. You decide which is the better buy ;) Miss CC has you all covered! x

Harbour Rocks Hotel
34 Harrington Street
The Rocks

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  1. I think shoestring are a bit more reliably good whereas thicker ones can be floury but rewarding if done well!

    1. I totally agree with you! There are some thick cut chips that I don't mind, even though preferably it would be shoestring ;)

  2. Aaah I am a thick chip girl myself, but I guess any chips are good chips :D
    Delicious looking burger too!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. pwahaha yes any carb goodness in forms of chips is a good thing!
      It was a pretty nice slider :D juicy patty!

  3. Dear Cassie,

    That slider looks delish but rosemary salt! I feel like making that now.

    1. The slider was great! Loved the juicy patty :) Yes rosemary salt compliments chips so well ;)