Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Pub Life Kitchen, Ultimo

Totem tickets were purchased prior to the production even starting and Miss CC and I were already scanning through ideas of where we should eat before enjoying the show. When you get to know Miss CC, you will know she is a woman on a mission, meaning she will squeeze as much as she can in one day. So, naturally we went to dinner at Pub Life Kitchen and made our way back to Entertainment Quarter, just in time.

So, we knew Pub Life was in Ultimo but Google took us to Surry Hills. I am not sure why it never even registered in our minds that Surry Hills and Ultimo are close but not exactly next-door neighbours close.  They are currently still in process of getting Google to update this issue, so a heads up – if Google does not say Ultimo, then it’s not yet updated! We fail, but we were really early anyways as they were not even open yet when we did make it over to Ultimo.

Cheesy polenta chips $8
We start with the polenta chips, and that first bite in we are left speechless. Too busy eating, talk to me later please. The exterior is light and crisp, the insides are soft like pillows, and the subtle yet obvious cheesy taste left on our palate is devilish. But what was also addictive was that jalapeno mayo.

Hot n spicy chicken wings $10

The chicken wings were definitely hot and sticky, in all ways good. The sauce surrounding the chicken was sweet yet spicy, the kick happens after that initial sweetness, but I love it all the more.

Fish fingers $12

These crumbed fish fingers were morish once dipped into the roasted garlic and lime aioli. After finishing one, you find yourself going in for more.

Cheeseburger $17 | Add bacon $3

Again, I am not sure how we do this because after those three snacks, we also have a burger each. Miss CC went for the cheeseburger with an additional serve of bacon – because everyone loves bacon!

The O.G $18

I went for The OG, the patty was cooked perfectly, served with jack cheese, caramelized onion, tomato, iceberg and roasted garlic and lime aioli. Yum! It’s definitely a good burger, I had originally wanted a cheeseburger, but I’m pretty sure I made no wrong choice here. I’m not saying the cheeseburger is not good, but hey, I get pretty much the same as a cheeseburger yet more!

We are sure going to hit Pub Life again sometime soon to try their desserts as we missed out on a Tuesday night. They serve them from Wednesday onwards until it sells out for the week. Perhaps even a Wednesday night for their Wednesday burger experiment!

So, have you got that one friend in your life that likes to maximize her time in one day by organizing things that can follow from one thing to another?

Hit: Polenta chips
Miss: -

Pub Life
265 Bulwara Rd,

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  1. pub life kitchen burgers are the best!! and yes you def gotta go on a weds and try their crazy burgers and desserts!

  2. Cheeseburger here is my favourite! So I would say in my opinion, best cheeseburger in Sydney to date!

  3. Far out my eyes are glued to the cheesy polenta chips!

  4. Hehe you know it's good when you can't talk and you're busy eating! :D

  5. Dear Cassie,

    The cheeseburger I had recently at Vic's Meat Market in the Sydney Fish Market has made all others a bit redundant to me.

  6. Polenta chips seem amazing! Would love to try it someday. Your post is making me have burger cravings

  7. I'm happy with the polenta chips and jalapeno mayo alone!! I understand the "talk-to-me-later" rule.

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

  8. Damn, if that burger isn't calling to me! Wait no, even more so are those fries, they are decadent!

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. The burgers here are might fine. Definitely head over on a Wednesday for their Burger Experiments too. Lots of fun!