Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Gertrude & Petunias, Kensington

My family and I always seem to struggle deciding where to eat all the time. But Gertrude & Petunias popped into my aunt JS’ mind when we were deciding where to do our catch up. It’s a café I always drive past and every time I tell myself that I will be there… one day. And I guess that one-day eventually came.

The décor is simply beautiful; we both step in and are instantly feeling at ease at the small cozy French-like café. Mirrors adorn the wall as you step in, the counter has a glass cabinet of pastries which I am going to return and try.

The chai tea came out on a silver tray, the tea could perhaps have a little more spice, but it was still nice. And it was made just how I like it, my soymilk frothed with the leaves.

Steak Sandwich $14

The kitchen is small, hidden behind the tall counter filled with sweet goodies. There was a little wait on my steak sandwich, but if you’re at a café you’re obviously not in much of a rush to leave. The thickly sliced bread is toasted well, the caramelized onions were a little too mushy. There is no tomato sauce on the sandwich, so if you would like some remember to ask for some.

Beetroot quiche $14
For some reason, my aunt’s quiche was not ordered. So, while I was eating my sandwich, we both calculated the total and it did not seem right. Thankfully, the quiche does not seem to take as long. Being a little experimental, my aunt chose the beetroot quiche.

So red

“There’s so much salad…” my aunt started.
“It’s like the quiche is a side!” We both said at the same time.

But I will be back to try their pastries, perhaps not on a weekend as I can imagine how busy they would be.

I love to people watch, and as my aunt and I caught up I could not help but notice a sweet old couple sitting outside. He looked after her so well, parked her wheelchair and sat on the other side, until the table next to them left did he move to be by her side. This little local café felt so warm with just the sight of an elderly couple enjoying a cup of coffee. It is just so rare to pop into a café and see an elderly couple there enjoying a cuppa alone and appreciate each others company.

Do you ever drive past places thinking you would go there one day, yet when in need of a place to go – it never pops into mind?

Gertrude & Petunias
61 Todman Avenue,


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  1. I've stopped here for morning tea and it was lovely but it's quite small. Love the decor though!

  2. N'aww that couple - adorable! Such a cute little place!

  3. aww the last picture is so adorable!

  4. So nice of you to take your aunt out for some catching up over some nice quaint cafe. Thanks for sharing!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx