Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Ichi-Ban Boshi, Sydney

It’s probably drawing to a close 10 years since I have been to Ichi-Ban Boshi, and thinking how I have been missing their iced green tea cappuccino, as it seems that I cannot get it as good anywhere else. It is easy to forget my first love (for ramen) when there have been so many popping up in Sydney over the past few years.

Even after so many years, it's a good sign to see there is still a queue. Perhaps still a favourite in many others' hearts. I am glad for the opportunity to pop back in and see what they have on offer, because at one glimpse I notice some new additions to the menu. I was excited. 

Melon soda with ice cream $5.50

We start off with our drinks; Miss CC ordered a melon soda with ice cream. I was curious and asked if it was a melon soft drink spider, but was answered with “More like melon syrup with soda water spider,” Miss CC did enjoy this, however it had a little too much ice in comparison to liquid.

Iced green tea cappuccino $4.80

Now, as I mentioned before my love for their iced green tea cappuccino, so there was no surpassing me ordering that. What is great about this is, the syrup comes on the side, as everyone’s sweet levels are different. Perhaps that is why I love it so much, but the green tea milkiness seems to be of the right ratio.

Grilled beef tongue $11

When there is beef tongue on the menu, there is hardly a chance we will let it slip. The texture has the elasticity we all love in beef tongues; however do not forget to dip it in the little side dish of salt and chilli flakes as it will help flavour the beef toungues.

Tempura salmon roll $9.50

We all love deep fried things, look how crazy we are all going over fried chicken over the past year. So, if you love sushi and love tempura – I don’t see why you cannot combine the two loves to make one MASSIVE love.

A tempura salmon sushi totally seemed fitting, and that first bite in sends us into happy tempura land. The chilli mayo brings enough pow on your palate and you may not even want to use the wasabi soya sauce. It’s not crunchy, but it gives you enough of that tempura feel that makes this sushi something worth ordering.

Tokyo ramen $9.90

Miss CC opted for the Tokyo Ramen, and seemed to enjoy it as it wasn’t much to really leave an impression on her. Guess the soya sauce based soup was just a little on the boring side for Miss CC after a few spoonfuls. Though I know she was in a moment of bliss when she had her egg.

Wonton-men $13

Don’t let the chilli oil in the wonton-men scare you, because it really isn’t spicy. It’s just … red. You get five pork and prawn wontons in a bowl. I always love the touch of sesame seeds, to me it enhances the dish with a subtle taste on the palate.

The ramen here at ichi-ban have a nice elasticity through it with each bite. It’s not too soft or hard; we did also feel like our bowls were never ending…

So is there a place you used to go to a lot and for some unknown reason, you have forgotten? And if given the chance, would you pop back in?

Hit: Tempura salmon sushi
Miss: Tokyo ramen

Journey from Within dined as a guest at Ichi-Ban Boshi. Thanks to Olivia at SD Marketing Global for the invite and Ichi-Ban Boshi for their hospitality.

Ichi-Ban Boshi
The Galleries
Level 2, 500 George Street


Shop 1, 171-173 Oxford Street,
Bondi Junction

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  1. How green is that soda! lol. And I'm a huge fan of tempura sushi - so goddamn tasty.

  2. servings here are massive yeah!?!

  3. There's so much I want here but mostly the tempura salmon sushi and the green tea drink. I agree, perfect idea to put syrup on the side!

  4. That tempura salmon sushi is out of this world! Alesah would probably try the beef tongue ;P But we'd both love those green tea and melon soda - so divine!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

  5. I love ichiban boshi so much! Their ramen is just so amazing and when I manage to get my hands on their tonkotsu ramen it like heaven :O

  6. Ah I love ichiban so much, best ramen !