Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Kepos St Kitchen, Redfern

I always admire people who choose to become a vegetarian, especially when it’s by choice. I have learnt it’s mostly because they are against the idea of eating another living thing. However, that is a reason as to why I don’t watch these documentaries, as my love for meat is for too large.

Mocha $3.50

Chai tea $4.50
I met up with Miss CZ for a brunch catch up at Kepos St Kitchen, and I had completely forgotten she was a vegetarian. I felt so bad, as I had not checked the menu previously to see if it was vegetarian friendly, thankfully most eateries do offer at least a dish or two.

Dad's favourite breakfast $17

Miss CZ went with dad’s favourite breakfast (it wouldn’t be my dad’s, as he loves meat more than I do).  Falafel, hummus, labneh, egg, tomato salad and bread come served on a wooden board. Now, this is when I see Miss CZ avoiding the hummus, and ask her if it wasn’t tasty. She doesn’t know, as she didn’t try it.

Now, this is when I’m surprised that my vegetarian friend is a picky vegetarian. She actually doesn’t like very many vegetables, but then she holds her values on eating another living animal.

Roasted cauliflower fritters $18

I opted for the cauliflower corn fritters, served with chickpeas, cumin, smoked turkey, and poached eggs coming in a saucepan. I loved the fritters, though the roasted cauliflower was subtle.

Left: Pomegranate virgin mojito $9
Right: Strawberry rosewater fizz $9

The mocktails are refreshing, fruity with a fizz. This is perfect for your nice summer day.

KSK churros with salted caramel $12

So, Kepos St has been on my to go list for a while, for obvious reasons. The churros with salted caramel dipping sauce. Maybe the hype of it had died or maybe I just worked myself up over it, but I didn’t find the churros all that great.

Sure, they were nice crispy outside and fluffy inside rolled in cinnamon sugar, yum! But the salted caramel sauce needed a little more salt kick to it, as I found it was a little like caramel only. But you could probably do without the sauce, as the churros were tasty enough.

So, have you got a friend that surprises you with their eating habits?

Kepos St Kitchen
96 Kepos St,


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  1. It's actually a crime I haven't been here yet, considering I work just around the corner. I've heard great things about their mountain high chicken burger!

    1. oh my, so close and have not been!! haha!
      Burger lover has to go try that burger for sure then!! XD
      what you waiting for?

  2. I always eat churros with hot fudge but I need to try them with salted caramel now :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. Such a cute brown paper bag presentation of the churros!

    1. it was interesting, i was like: aww reminds me of school lunch orders!

  4. I love the food there! And we drive past it all the time and there's always a queue to get in :)

    1. yes!! it's so tiny, so glad there was no queue when we went, being brunch time on a weekday always wins! haha

  5. Totally agree, it is really admirable for people to choose to be vegetarian. No forcing, purely voluntary :) Churros and salted caramel sauce sounds yum!!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx