Thursday, 28 July 2016

Museum of Contemporary Arts, Sydney

There are those random days where I like to feel like a tourist in my own city. Just because we live in a particular city, it doesn’t mean we don’t get to go about and do some touristy things. We need to take in the beauty of where we live.

In saying that, I have always wanted to pop into the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MCA) for a while now, but I finally had the time to with my aunt a few weeks back.

The current exhibition running is New Romance, created by both Australian and Korean artists who inspires us with the thoughts of what the future may hold as humans. This runs until the 4th September 2016 and is located on the Level 1.

Things that you will see in the New Romance exhibition includes:

The Digital Book Project is a symbol of human knowledge, Kang is fascinated by the way human lives between physical and virtual worlds. Quite fitting with the whole idea of Pokemon Go as of late …

Manoeuvres is creative, reminds me a lot of pacman as you chase the dots through each board. Baumann brings this piece to show her interest in the way emotions change and has brought this interest into her artwork with the use of colours and patterns.

Scroll is every non-morning person’s nightmare. 

A bunch of alarm clocks blinking simultaneously. However, Burns is inspiration for this work was drawn from morning talk shows on the radio and how it is interferes with our thinking.

Another exhibition currently running is Telling Tales located on Level 3, this will run until 9th October 2016.

The Letter Writing Project is cute, three different Japanese inspired structures are available. A kneeling, chair, and standing cubicle is available for anyone to go inside to write a letter. The letter could be left unsealed or sealed – if unsealed, it is for anyone to open and read. At the end of this exhibition, these letters will be posted out to the addressed person.

And just some other artworks that are around the MCA that have captured my attention.

I am not sure why this ‘I am Human’ by Richard Bell was so captivating, perhaps it’s just the simplicity of this artwork and how it draws on just how we all feel most of the time – especially through the hard times.

The MCA cafe, located on the top level are have also created a temporary Korean pop-up inspired menu. Unfortunately, I could not try this however, if you are interested - be sure to check it out!

I had a really lovely day walking the entire Sydney CBD, and it felt great to just be a tourist for a day. If time allows, you should give it a shot.

Do you also like to feel like a tourist in your own city on some random days? Where do you like to go?

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