Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A challenge ...

Mood: Content

Over the weekend, a long dear friend visited Sydney! It was a great weekend, we watched The Lion King Musical, which was absolutely amazing! So many scenes I was not sure they could pull off on stage that simply took my breath away.
Then I got to see Miss N again with Miss M and we had a great Sunday. Now, I’m feeling content with what life has to offer. We may not have done anything extraordinary, but being able to just spend time together in the same city was just great to say the least.

ANYWAYS, so … why else am I blogging today, after being inactive for close to a month, which totally contradicts my last post …

Squat challenge credits to @freakyfit_ on instagram
I am going to challenge myself to a 30-day squat challenge! Let’s see how well this goes, perhaps I’ll keep you all posted on my progress weekly if I am a good girl with posting… *fingers crossed*

I would love to do selfie progress shots, but I don’t think I’m actually ready for that … so let’s hope that one day I can surpass my own self-conscious …

Mind over matter …


  1. I'm super excited to watch the lion king after your review!

    Would love to read more about your 30 day squat challenge!! :)

    1. I am so glad I did not make you disappointed and worked up about it and that you did enjoy it as much as you did as well :D

  2. Go cassie!!! I love how you always see the bright side in everything :)

    1. haha aww widdie ... I'm not sure I am as optimistic as I perceive to be, but thank you! :)