Friday, 27 June 2014

Luna Park: Romance Discovery

My aunt(s) and mother are crazy photo fanatics. And now that Vivid has ended, they need to a way to satisfy their itch to snap. So, Luna Park it is.

I guess this is just a ‘through my lens’ post. Note: there may be more blurry shots than clear. Because I love bokeh shots (Thanks to my aunt for teaching me the "art" of it)!

HOWEVER, I have always had a love for ferris wheels and I always want to try and capture it well. But nothing ever snaps well (because I am such an amateur).

So, looking at the ferris wheel from all sorts of angles I was suddenly hit with a thought, a feeling. Ferris wheels, to me, is really romantic. I don’t know why, how or what – it was just so pretty to look at that it just made me feel a sudden pang of romance.

And yes, those that know me well, know that I am a hopeless romantic. It’s not my fault, I seriously swear it was Disney’s fault.

Believe me, there is a difference between being instilled with the idea of how romantic a ferris wheel is to actually being hit with the feeling. I admit, I used to be thrilled at the idea of it, but that night - the feeling was rather enlightening.

So standing in the cold for 2 hours had my hands frozen, my body shaking. I needed something hearty, thinking hard what would be in the Northern side of Sydney - ipot over in Chatswood dawned on me!

THEN ALAS, the next day, I received two postcards from Miss CC in London and Miss EC from Singapore. See the similarity in the two postcards? They sure know me well.

"We loved with a love that was more than love" - Edgar Allan Poe


  1. I've never been to Luna Park. Love the bokeh shots though!

  2. Oh it's small and doesn't have that much rides.... but it's free to walk around :D
    thank you

  3. Hi hopeless romantic~
    Oh man how on earth did I miss this post? must have been on holiday or something. I had no idea you were at Luna Park during that time too! hehe what can I say - great minds think way too alike teehee

  4. Hi ^^
    you were on holiday, or were you back already? I can't remember! But seriously, I went to Luna Park, had my moment and then came home to the postcards!
    We are getting too in sync lately ;)