Tuesday, 24 June 2014

ipot Chatswood

It’s that time of year where our bodies make us crave for something warm, hearty and filling! It’s hot pot season!

Not knowing what we should devour when in the Northern side of Sydney, I suddenly remembered Nessyeater posting about ipot opening in Chatswood, and so we made our way over there.

We were pretty much the last people to have walked in, and I’m pretty sure the wait staff were a little deflated seeing us walk in. But they were really accommodating.

So, I’m not sure if anyone is familiar with ipot, be it in Chinatown or Chatswood. But this is basically getting a little pot to yourself and you get to choose your own soup base.

A little sauce bay is available for you to choose, mix and create your own favourite dipping sauce for your food.

Spinach soup $8

On this lovely evening, I went with the spinach-based soup. It made me think of Wicked the musical with the ghastly green! It is more towards a bland like soup, but gives you that nice refreshing vegie soup feeling.

Prepare yourselves for massive food porn, as we love to order lots of food (read as over order).

Prime Queensland Rangelands Beef $10

What is hot pot without fatty beef! Look at the ribbons of fat! Like yum!!

Crisp Enoki Mushroom $6

I don’t know, I really don’t like mushrooms. But there is something different about enoki mushrooms that I have an exceptional love for. Perhaps it’s the texture and it really doesn’t have that mushroom taste.

Udon $5

Bean Curd Puff $5

I love puffy beancurd, because it soaks up the soups so well, and it just takes in all the flavours.

Pork & Prawn wontons $5

Pork & Prawn Dumplings $5

Wontons, dumplings! Bring them all on!

Chrysanthemum $5

Tasamanian Salmon $8

Hot pot is great, it really warms you up. Though I love the concept of ipot how everyone gets their own pot to cook in and their own preferred soup base. There is still something very warming about the fact that we do share a pot and eat together. Or maybe the banter when people start stealing one another’s food gives that whole feeling.

The feeling of love, family, and closeness.

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  1. i used to absolutely detest mushrooms too! but then i got hooked on enoki mushrooms and so began my <3 of mushrooms hehe

    1. bwahahaha enoki mushrooms do have a special quality in them then ;)

  2. hahaha love mushrooms! Been wanting to go to an iPot joint for ages! OMG sexy fat on those ribbons of beef!

    1. It seems a lot of people love mushrooms, and I'm "weird" for not haha!
      sexy fat indeed!

  3. craving for hot pot especially after today's windy weather. prices look decent too

    1. I know right! It's been hot pot day every night lately!!
      Prices aren't too bad :)

  4. Love hot pot in winter! And I can never get enough of those chrysanthemum leaves!

    1. OMG I totally agree, there is something about needing to have chrysanthemum for hot pot as much as fatty beef!! :D