Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Stix Desserts, Surry Hills

There is something about eating ice cream in winter that makes it just that little bit tastier. Then there is that weird warmth you get from within. Perhaps it’s all in the mind.

So Miss MC and I decided to pop into Stix Desserts before dinner, because it was the first store that led us to our final stop. No need to back track, dessert, dinner then drinks.

Who said dessert had to be after dinner? Who set those rules?

For $4.50 you get your choice of gelato, one flavoured topping and one topping. Any extra is 50cents per topping.

I was stuck with choices, there were so many I enjoyed but could only go with one. Well, I could have gone for more, but we all know I can’t justify myself for having more.  The gelato is soft and smooth, but it holds up well with time. I mean it didn’t show any signs of melting after so many shots!

I ended up with the salted caramel, dark chocolate topping and peanuts. When I tried the salted caramel it was just enough salt and caramel ratio, however after adding the toppings, it does lose the salted taste. So I guess trying the flavours is one thing, but adding your choice of toppings may just change it a little. For better or worse would be your call.

Miss MC ended with the hazelnut, you can never go wrong with hazelnut. Pretzels may not be the best idea if you are on a first date, because Miss MC had chocolate all over her mouth. Though she was way too busy to wipe, so I guess she had to endure some looks but at the same time, I don’t think she knew how much chocolate she had until she wiped… It’s ok, I still love you!

I am eager to pop back in to try more flavours, I love it! The chocolate hardens like ice magic then you have your textural topping bite, and another layer of chocolate layered on top. Like yum! I am not going to compare this with Messina as they offer different products, but I may be giving Messina a little break for now.

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  1. Wow, I'm surprised the price is actually pretty reasonable, I sorta just assumed such novelty dessert shops would up their prices alot. Better give this a go soon!

    1. I totally agree, I was like: hey I'm happy to pay this, that's how much we pay for one scoop!
      But yes, do pop in! :)

  2. i went today and the salted caramel was my fave!!

    1. kudos for popping over! I want to run right back there too! haha!
      the salted caramel was nice, and I like how it's not overly sweet. XD
      I really enjoyed the hazelnut and mint too! ^^ But they were only taste testers, must make my way back for more self made concoctions!

  3. woww so many yummy flavours! should give this a go next time i'm having dinner in the area

    1. yes you should annie! :)
      Great flavours and the choices of what dipping sauce you should get with what topping is also a good and hard choice! ;)