Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Pony Lounge & Dining, The Rocks

We all have that one friend that will never fail to amuse you in anyway. I am not sure whether that’s just the way they are or because you simply enjoy sharing one another’s company, so everything is just funnier. It must be both.

So, why do I say that?

Tanqueray Pimma Cooler $30 (jug)

Because Miss CC and I were walking over to Pony for Miss EC’s birthday dinner, and I spotted a food stall, pointed out they had some interesting tacos. To my surprise I got an exclamation of, “BANG ME!” Say what?! She saw ‘Banh mi’. But in all honesty, how is it really pronounced. Please do enlighten me, because who knows – Miss CC might just be onto something…

Shoestring Fries $9

Our night starts off with a side of fries, as we arrived first and were famished. The thin stripped fries were perfectly seasoned.

Wood fire grilled Calamari $15.90

We shared some little plates, starting with some calamari, it was not chewy and but it wasn't exactly melt in your mouth either. It held just enough elasticity a calamari should. Swiping with the chiltomate relish was just a perfect way to top this off!

Skara Chorizo $12.50

Next up, chorizo. We never seem to pass by chorizo when we see it on the menu. It was a little on the salty side, which is expected. But adding some of the green tomato chutney on top helps balance it out. Although, eating the chutney alone first, I was not too fancied by it. But eating with the chorizo, the flavours were perhaps over powered by the chorizo but helped lessen the salty blow.

Chicken Liver Pate $13.50

Pate! I do like eating pate, but I may not be a massive fan of it because sometimes I do find them a little too strong for me. This chicken pate was borderline strong, but thankfully Mr TR recommended me to add some pickle and wow, I may have just found a new love!

Black angus short rib $38

I ordered the short ribs, and it was delicious! Super tender and flavoursome. I really enjoyed the pickled capsicum too, it helped bring a refreshing hit with the entire dish.

Dessert time means a toilet break? Miss CC and I walk outside and because it was the second night of Vivid, we were told the bathroom queues were rather long. So, our smart Miss CC had a brilliant idea, “I wonder if Bangkok (I shall type it like that)…” and she was cut from her sentence because we were in fits of laughter.  (Note: Bangkok was supposed to be Pancakes on the Rocks)

Chocolate and coconut bounty $14.50

The chocolate and coconut bounty was an instant favourite in my heart, it is full of coconut flavours with bits of chocolate pieces for that textural bite. A great dessert if you love your bounty chocolates.

Apple crumble $14.50

Miss JN (Next Stop: Food) had her eyes set on the apple crumble from the get go, and she made no wrong choice. The crumble was perfect, the base holding it altogether fell apart at the touch of our spoons, which is great because who would want to work so hard to break the base just to eat it? Perfect balance of apple flavours.

Chocolate tart with raspberry sorbet $15

The chocolate tart with raspberry sorbet was perfect. It was not too rich in chocolate and super smooth. The raspberry sorbet was very refreshing if you needed a little break from the chocolate. Perfect combination.

We had a lovely night at Pony, the staff were attentive. It was a small and cosy little restaurant. I don’t know why I always imagined Pony to have been bigger, but the smallish restaurant is great because it means the staff can offer you more service!  

And because all things come in threes, Miss CC needed to help complete my night. Taking a walk around Vivid, we come across Miss CC’s “Fat Art Truck!?”

Hit: Chocolate and coconut bounty
Miss: Skara Chorizo

So, have you all got that one friend (or if you’re lucky more) that seems to amuse you in many ways?

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  1. heh bang me lolol banh pronounced like bun :P that pate looks incredible i need that in my life!

    1. Thanks Suze! Had a feeling it was, but wasn't sure if it would be something like pho and how it's different :)
      Oh, you'd enjoy the pate! ;)

  2. I agree with chocolatesuze - that pate, WOW!

    1. Perhaps we should pop in one night as a treat for our end of semester!! :D
      But then again, two visits so close is not really good for my wallet ...
      Though I rkn we all should have a catch up again soon!

  3. the apple crumble looks great!

    1. mm~~ it was great!
      Though I noticed the apple crumble and chocolate tart aren't on the menu anymore! :(

  4. The desserts looks amazing! LOL at "Bang Me" and "Fat Art Truck". Interesting friend you've got there.