Saturday, 31 May 2014

Vivid ft. Messina


It’s that time of year again where everyone comes out to shoot! The time of year where Sydney siders allow themselves to look like a complete tourist and shoot their beautiful city.

I must say, this year is surprisingly warm. I’m usually all wrapped up in my scarf and massive jackets but this year, I was walking in just a hoodie and felt very warm.

We started our night in Martin Place and I’m running to the gelato messina pop up store. I went with the psychedelic spider.

psychedelic spider $10
Creaming soda & vanilla swirled gelato, raspberry & banana lollipop, crushed humburg lollies
topped with fairy floss
I was sharing with my beautiful aunt and she asked me what I thought after my first spoonful. “Childhood, it tastes like childhood.” I’m not sure if it applies to others, but to me it really tasted like my childhood and I was intrigued as to why. I mean, sure all sweets would – but it was different. After many more spoonful’s, I realised why. It was because of the hard candy, those childhood days when I had a little glass bottle of hard candy from Darrell Lea! It was crushed throughout and the gelato soft serve was simply amazing. I was back in my childhood for sure!

I didn’t capture a photo of the “infamous” tree at Martin Place because I was too busy noming on my ice cream goodness. And by the time I was done, we were already off to the next station!

We walk our way over to Circular Quay and enjoy the plenty of lights it has to offer. Not forgetting to stop in front of Customs House. I’m not too taken away with this year’s lights at Customs House.

More walking and we are hit with the Museum of Contemporary Arts, and I must say this is my favourite this year! I don’t know why, I just love it. Unfortunately, I didn’t actually capture my favourite moment of the show. But if you have time, do check it out!

There is no way you would see the hashtag sign and not stop to take a photo. It just would not define today’s day and age at all. Everything is about hashtags now, and to see a light with it, well… there is no passing this by!

And yes, what is Vivid without a stop at the opera house right?! It just wouldn’t make much sense! I really need to invest on a tripod, because it is a bummer when you take photos that just don’t work. So, I’ll just settle with instagram videos for now.

Sydney, you truly are beautiful. I apologise that I forget and take you for granted.

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  1. haven't tried the messina stand at martin place yet. must go there sometime this week before it's over. have you checked out the water show at darling harbour yet? really enjoyed that one :)

  2. Yes, do make your way over!
    I do want to try their other ones, but I don't think I'll be heading over anytime soon :(
    Yes I did! :) It was good too! ^^
    There's so much around that I know I've missed plenty of other good ones too