Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Pop up bar: Moe's Tavern, Woolloomooloo

There’s just some thing about seeing things “come to life” and the novelty sake of it, perhaps it’s the idea of actually being in the space. Hearing about the Moe’s Tavern pop up bar from The Simpsons, I just knew I had to make my way over there!

The reason for this pop up bar is to introduce Duff beer to Australia for good. As I have never been a fan of beer, I am unable to tell you what I think of it, as I cannot compare it to anything.

Located upstairs of the Woolloomoolo Bay Hotel, you will see the green double doors and the “Duff” sign above. That is where you want to go! Follow the Duff signs and once you’re upstairs you will be hit with red neon lights and be taken into another space.

The bar only offers Duff beer on tap (or if you go downstairs there's more, but you're here for Moe's Tavern right?). They have a fancy menu that can take you all the way to Springfield.

It’s a spacious area which could perhaps be filled with a few more tables and chairs. But on this fair night, all tables were taken so we made our order and headed back downstairs to enjoy our food. However, it would have been nice to stay there and eat with the whole atmosphere.

"The porkwich" $18
Pulled pork with smokey BBQ sauce & slaw

I ordered the porkwich, the pulled pork was nice and tender drizzled with barbecue sauce. I would have liked a little more slaw on my burger. Unfortunately the chips were rather cold, and were not very appetising.

"Duffalo wings" $10
Spicy chicken wings with a Duff beer BBQ sauce

We ordered the duffalo wings to share; I expected a few more wings than what was served. The wings were tasty, but more sauce would have been much nicer to give a more powerful bang on my taste buds.

"The captain's" sea basket $18
Duff beer battered flathead fillet, salt & pepper squid & fries
As I did not eat this, a photo was taken for your eyes to feast on.

The pop up bar is only here until the end of the week, so if you want to go for the novelty sake (and to snap photos) just make your way to Woolloomoolo Bay Hotel before 30th May 2014!

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    1. They had it, but I was I saw the size of them and the price and went a little tight in the backside :P hahaha!!