Saturday, 24 May 2014

Fashion Weekend Sydney Show

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Outside. Spotted: Yellowtail backdrop!
So, someone was a lucky girl last week when she was given complimentary entry tickets valued at $20 to the Fashion Weekend show in Moorepark. Having extra tickets and basically two days notice she managed to snag the ever so busy Miss CC to accompany her (I guess a Fashion Weekend kind of makes one push all planned activities aside).

I instantly declared my want of having a photo taken and uploaded into instagram when I saw the yellowtail backdrop. Why? Because I know when you hashtag yellowtail wine, they print your photo out… FOR FREE!

SNAP! Oh yeah, and inside the show they had a polaroid stall, and I never pass up on freebies. Let alone photos printed! But I hereby declare there is now a digitised polaroid camera! It was bound to happen… why was I so surprised? I have no idea. But anyways, can you guys see the ever so charismatic (and now ex-bachelor) George Clooney as our background?

Where to start?
Stalls of clothes, bags, jewellery were bestowed upon our eyes. It’s our first time going to a fashion show. We have been to plenty of these food events but fashion, HELLO! What’s awesome was we complimented each others’ company so well that we agreed that we wont really look at the clothes. (I know, say what?! fashion show and not look at clothes? What crazy souls have we got here?!)  

But honestly, a first timer in a fashion show, it’s so dangerous! But in saying that, I also did not expect myself to have purchased anything. Actually, I don’t know what I was expecting…

Do you have a system walking in these shows to not miss any?
However, these shows are awesome! Why? Because firstly, being in there whatever you find is automatically marked down from RRP. PLUS we went on the last day, and you get an even FURTHER marked down price. Now you know what I mean by dangerous right? Or are you going to call me silly? Dangerous in the sense that one can fall into the trap of impulse purchase way too easily.

What shopping haul did I achieve on this fair Sunday?

'Kiss me' ring: $20; Ring: $40
We walked passed Amber Sceats a couple of times, because Miss CC had to check an outfit out for her friend in the stall opposite and we walked back and forth. But on the final stop, we both purchased something. We got the same ‘kiss me’ ring because it’s so cute and different! Just for the novelty sake of it really. But I saw this other one, and I have guiltily asked my cousin to buy me a bangle over in the US recently and it … matches it! So, you know… cant pass this opportunity off. The sales gave me a further $10 off on this ring too! :D Two new rose gold rings!

Kaboodle bag: $55
KABOODLE!! I have always enjoyed eyeing Kaboodle goodies when I see their stalls/shops. But apparently I was in a complete happy land when I noticed them – that’s what Miss CC said. “This shop screams you in every way.” Was also stated multiple times when I asked her to help me choose a bag. But the green stole my heart at first glance. I don’t know, I’m not usually a green person. But this green is just so unique and girly.

Disney Couture: Have faith in your dream: $49

We knew we had to pass by Disney Couture when we saw it in the map. Only because I love my Disney and a friend Miss MC has bought two items for me as a gifts before. Low and behold, Cassie does find something that catches her eye and she does purchase it! I told you it’s dangerous! Another bangle! Can never decline pretty wrist candy right?

Disney Couture: A Dream is a wish your [heart] makes

Kiss me ring worn
Just a photo of the purchases made by Miss CC who also purchased a Disney Couture item. A Cinderella key necklace, ‘Kiss me’ ring and skirt from Cooper St.

All in all, it was a great day! Having great company, being able to leisurely walk around and look through racks at our own given pace. Fashion shows may just be a new event that we would look further into in future? More spending, our wallets sure would love us for helping them lose weight…

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” - Coco Chanel


  1. thankyou once again for the tickets and hehe good buys. Will I get to see the Kaboodle debut tonight?

  2. Looks like someone had a fabulous time shopping :D