Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Menulog: Sedap Eastgardens

The cooler days are upon us and winter is fast approaching. And it’s times like this which makes all feel a little too unwilling to leave the comfort of our homes.

The time of hibernation begins.

So what happens when no one in the household wants to cook, leave the house, and there isn’t that one strong and willing person that will sacrifice and go pick up some take away. Well, here I introduce to you all something that can be life changing (You're welcome. I take no responsibility if you become overly addicted to this service as I can see how it can happen).

Menulog. What is it? It is a service that offers you a range of eateries in your area. Place an order with them online or via the app and your order will be automatically sent to the restaurant and BOOM KNOCK KNOCK food to your door! Talk about easy, convenient and a way to satisfy that tinsy bit of lazy in all of us.

All I did was punch in my postcode, viewed my choices, ordered, paid (payment options are credit card, paypal or cash), and waited. What happened after I paid was, I got a text giving me an approximate time of arrival for my delivery. If I am being pedantic, my approximate time was 55 minutes, my arrival time was 65 minutes.

Was I bothered about this? Not really. I do give deliveries about an hour, give and take normally anyways.

So, after all that information overload. Let’s have a look at what cuisine was chosen, and what food was demolished into my belly…

Sedap has opened in Eastgardens for a while now, and I have always wanted to go and try but never had the chance. Seeing it on the list already concluded what I wanted, it helped that everything in my area is pizza dominated.

Deep Fried Sedap Homemade Tofu $14.80
Yes, I know … you cannot complain about deep fried when ordering take away. Because it will never give you that same effect, but I just really wanted tofu! Don’t worry, the “crunch” is not going to be a complaint, however this dish was a little too salty for me to have tasted anything else. Tofu was silken smooth though.

Curry Chicken $13.80
The curry chicken, my favourite dish. It offered enough curry taste and spice. It could be a little spicy for those who cannot take spice too much, but I absolutely love it. Beware to those who aren’t a fan of bones as the chicken pieces do contain bones!

Nasi Goreng Kampong $13.00
The Nasi Goreng comes with a wedge of lemon; I’m personally not much of a fan with lemon. I can usually give it a miss, but if the majority likes lemon – I’ll go with the flow. The fried rice was tasty, but I am a chilli fan so drizzling this with the chicken curry enhanced the flavours for me.

So remember, if you are feeling a little lazy and want to just curl up in front of the television or whatever that tickles your fancy. Hop onto menulog and get it delivered to your door!

Hit: Curry Chicken
Miss: Deep Fried Sedap Homemade Tofu

Journey From Within was given a $30 voucher from Menulog. All comments on this post are based on my own thoughts.

Many thanks to Josh from Menulog for organising.

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  1. mmm curry chicken would be perfect for winter!

    1. Indeed it would be! Nice and spicy to keep us in need of warmth! :)

  2. Love Menulog. Menulog is definitely an ease to use. but also means they should have more Asian cuisines (other than pizzerias) on it :p

    1. True, need to include some more asian cuisines in our area.
      Perhaps there are more elsewhere :)