Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A [belated] Mother's Day

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How did you spend your mother’s day?

We are a special family; we let my mother work on Mother’s day. Well, she doesn’t have to do it alone, she has company. These include but is not limited to, her husband, sister, brothers, daughter (yours truly) and son.

So if you had not known, my family runs a little local restaurant so that means these “big days” are the inevitable days of work. It’s oh-so-great that we get to spend quality time together bantering, ordering, delegating, and sometimes even arguing with each other over mishaps that may occur.

Anyways, why do we only have one day a year where we take our mothers out and spoil her? Why does it have to be on this particular day we stop to think about the things they have done for us? The one-day we stop to thank them…

A mother’s love is probably one of the biggest loves out there. The sacrifices she makes, the pain she goes through, and the battles she has to fight.

They will always be your first and final supporter in whatever you do.

They deserve more than one day to be thanked for what they do.

I am guilty.

The amount of times I call “mum” knowing she will come to my beckoning call. The amount of times I throw a moody tantrum at her. The amount of times …

I can’t speak for others but I know my mum has lost too much sleep, personal time. Spent countless years worrying about little issues that surrounded me.  It all came down to my four intense years of eczema. That would perhaps be only the tip of the iceberg, I know there are still countless days and years in which she continue to help fight battles, make sacrifices for my brother and I.

As they say, when you hurt, your mother hurts twice as much.

So here’s to all the mothers out there (especially to my own) Happy -belated-Mother’s Day.

… and Thank you for everything.

Thanks to my soon-to-be cousin in law Ms AW for organising this
Just to complete this post, my cousins’ and I shouted “the mums” (our way of calling them when they are grouped together) and granny with a high tea lunch on Monday at the Tea Room.

The women in our [cousins] lives that are filled with so much love to give
These are the beautiful faces of the women who are super strong and capable in all things. And when that one day comes and I am lucky enough to be half what they are – I shall be content.

“The best place to cry is on a mother’s arms.” – Jodi Picoult.

Note: High tea photos credits to my beloved aunty at Dreamers Place

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