Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Checking in ...

Mood: Realisation

Can you all believe it? It’s already May, five months into the year already! I swear the year only just started.

Anyways, five months into the year is perhaps a good time to check in on all those New Years Resolutions and goals. Has anyone been going well with that or you know, gone into the path that majority falls into … forgotten about it?

One thing I am most happy to express is that my memory jar is going awesomely well. It’s getting well fed with good memories, perhaps could be a little more full – but we all can’t ask for too much now can we?

It makes me wonder; perhaps I should create a memory jar of the not too happy memories. Yes, who wants to be reminded of those horrible days? But those days should also be remembered. They allow us to grow, to learn, to strengthen and to be remembered that there are always going to be rainy days along with sunshine. It will let us all know to appreciate the good even more.

So, the memory jar is not the only thing I have as a new years resolution, as a matter of fact – far from it. It’s not even a goal for anything, it’s just something that’s there to help remind me of all the good times I had in the year.

I won’t disclose too much on my new years resolution, as I would like to keep it slightly personal (ironic, she owns a blog and spreads things about her life yet she keeps this a secret!). But I can honestly say, thus far I have been doing well … keeping it up, trying to achieve others, in progress.

But watching myself come back into this space and blog (usually) weekly is already something I feel a little proud of (if I must say so myself).

Days are drawing closer to me being more of an individual blogger, running one blog. I feel sad, but at the same time – I’m glad. I’m happy, because I am doing this for myself and not others.

I apologise, this post is a little messy… but my mind is scattered in all sorts of places right now.

Be in the now, appreciate what you have now… For one day, you never know what you may lose.

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