Friday, 11 July 2014

Charlie & Co Burgers, Westfield Sydney

Sydney needs to have more late night shopping days; one day a week really isn’t enough. Well, for people that don’t have time to shop during work hours. So, after shopping we could not think of where to eat until I remembered how awesomely fancy Westfield’s food court is.

I have always wanted to try Charlie & Co burgers but always get tempted with something else along the way. But on this fair night, I knew exactly what my body was craving for – burgers. I had complete tunnel vision.

Sea salt fries $7

The chips were fat, the lovely crunchy exterior with fluffy innards. It totally had that great chip satisfaction. They were also doing a special, a drink and chips for $9.

Onion rings $7

I honestly believe onion rings are not available enough. I love onion rings, so much that I go in complete ‘must order’ mode when I see it on the menu. Naturally, it was no different this time. The crumbed onion rings were even crunchier than the chips and I was in heaven.

Double cheese and bacon burger $14

Innards shot
I got the double cheese and bacon burger, I just knew that was I wanted. I felt like something simple and then BAM bacon as well? #winning. However, I did find that one slice of bacon wasn’t really sufficient for the price, it could have at least had one more slice. But the patty was juicy, with a soft yet slightly toasted bun.

Mighty Charlie burger $16
Just for your eyes to feast on, the Mighty Charlie burger.

I would be back for you Charlie, because there are more on your menu that I would love to try. Burger fix!

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  1. i can never resist the parmesan and truffle fries!!

  2. I'm the same with onion rings too! Can never resist those bad boys!