Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Henson, Marrickville

On a lovely Saturday afternoon Miss CC and I were found basking in the winter sun at The Henson. Located behind the bar, on a residential street - is where this little gem is hidden.

If you don’t exactly like having children running around you, you may want to opt coming at night or not on a weekend. As this place is super kid friendly, with a garage designed as a play area. For those that like to have a catch up over a friendly beer, cocktail or wine as the kids are left to their own devices. This is the place to be.

“What just happened?” That was the first thing Miss CC said once we both demolished our burgers. Because believe me, before our food arrived we were happily yapping away, then when the food arrived there was complete silence (apart from the sounds of approval).

Left: Vanilla malt shake $9
Right: Salted caramel shake $9

This may not be the 'best' salted caramel milkshake (as I have not had enough to make that call), but it was by far the closest to a salted caramel flavoured milkshake I have had. Most I have ordered usually taste more like a caramel milkshake than salted caramel. Miss CC made an almost moan like sound when she had her vanilla malt.

Kumera fries, nigella, tahini yoghurt $8

So, someone has been craving for sweet potato fries for a while now. It was basically the seller when I saw it on the menu before heading to The Henson. Crunchy strips of goodness was exactly the way to my belly. Dipping in the yoghurt was a nice refreshing hit, but I preferred without.

Soft shell crab burger, old baby slaw, ice berg, sriarcha & chips $16

Miss CC went for the soft shell crab burger and she looked like she was in heaven! Beware of the spiciness, this is not recommended for non-spicy eaters, at all! Unless of course you want to have that tongue burn.

Pork belly burger old baby slaw, ice berg, sriarcha & chips $16

I had a hard choice, jumping from the chicken karaage or the pork belly. But went with my instincts and ordered the pork belly. The thin strips of pork belly and bit of cackling were simply exploding in my mouth with goodness. This is also a spicy burger, but it was all the more addicting with every bite. I also loved the soft yet toasted bun!

Churro 'chips', mork fudge, malt gelato $11

Ok, so the sweet potato fries wasn’t all that sold to me – it was also these churro chips! I know right, say whhaaaatt??? Take this like … sweet nachos! Churros made like triangle corn chips! I’ll be honest, a real churro is better, but these are crunchy with a bite and then you’ll get that chewy like feel between. Drizzled with chocolate fudge, sprinkled with cinnamon brings you to complete bliss, along with a dash of ice cream. Because let’s be honest, everything tastes better with ice cream!

Great company is always a bonus with good food, and being able to bask in the winter sun will never have any downs. We sure hit food coma though …

OH before I sign off, for those who love ice cream and are not yet aware, Mövenpick are giving out FREE ice cream on 1st August 2014 to celebrate Swiss National Day. Check it out here. (Note: Journey From Within was not sponsored by Mövenpick. Credits to Miss CC).

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  1. Replies
    1. pwahahaa I know right!
      I feel a little guilty that 2 of us ate that ... but then ... nah! :D

  2. The food looks really good and I love the name of that hot sauce. They come up with the best names for them! :P

    1. The food was actually pretty good, the burgers really are great! :D If I can deter myself from ordering a burger next time, I'll try their other foods.. but it's gonna be hard! :P
      The sauce names are a winner!

  3. this has been on our wishlist for a while. the burgers look so delicious!

    1. mmm~~ yes, do pop over when you can.
      I am in love with their burgers! :D

  4. Love the kumera chips here! And the wall of sauces and condiments is awesome.

    1. Yes, I really enjoyed them - made those cravings be put at bay :)
      YES! Miss CC loved the whole "own water system" too haha!

  5. I'm going here for company lunch today.

    Just doing my homework =D

    1. With your man food loves, pretty sure you'll enjoy it but not sure if as much as I'll enjoy reading your post about it ;)