Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Double Roasters, Marrickville

After pulling Miss AC up on the cronut bandwagon with me when we headed to Brewtown Newtown, we were hoping for another cronut adventure at the Grumpy Barista. However, much to our disappointment – they are not open on Sundays.

In quick pursuit, Miss AC, Miss PC and myself whipped out our phones to find where we could go eat while waiting for the late riser Miss MC to make her way over. That was when I saw Double Roasters and exclaimed, “We have to go!” What would we do without our smart phones?

Fresh orange juice $6
Pot of chai tea $4.50
“Quick! Pour your chai in before your tea gets cold!” That was heard but not registered as I snapped away, then as I finished up, “Oh, I guess I won’t take a photo now that I’ve already poured mine in…” I laughed as I turned my pot around for Miss AC to snap after hearing her disappointment, because after all she had good intentions for me to begin with.

Croque Monsieur: black forest smokehouse ham, and triple cheese toasted sandwich $9

Innards shot

Just because we had to, we ordered the croque monsieur to share. The melted cheese lying there, our eyes glowed with happiness. Miss MC did the honors of cutting it into equal 4 pieces, and that stringy cheese glory made us all “ooooo~” with excitement. Take this as the ultimate guilty pleasure of a ham and cheese toastie! But we were glad to have shared this, as having it alone would be a little too heavy and rich.

House baked beans: spinach, button mushrooms, pesto butter, and feta with sourdough $13
+ poached egg $2 each

Egg porn!

Miss AC and I were on a double today; we both opted for the baked beans with a poached egg. Damn that egg porn! The baked beans were delectable – it was perfect for a cold winters day. It was so moreish, I secretly wished for perhaps one more toast to help me soak up more of the left over baked beans and sauce.

Smashed avocado sprinkled with crumbed feta, dukkah and lemon on sourdough $9

Miss PC had the avocado toast, and said it was delicious with the dukkah.  And this would be perfect for you if you’re an avocado lover, as there is a mountain of avocado that got a little too much for Miss PC.

Bacon and egg roll $8.50

Miss MC chose a bacon and egg roll, and when I asked how it was her answer was very matter of fact, “It’s a bacon and egg roll.” I guess there were no complaints?

Who would think we had enough food? Of course that was only our starters because hello to some sweets!!

Peanut butter blondie $4

The peanut butter blondie was nice; it was everything you would think it to be. A peanut butter slice. Bits of peanuts nestled inside makes a great bite.

Apple & Blueberry muffin $3

A warm muffin will never go wrong; I think you can all agree with me here that the only muffin tops we don’t like are the ones hanging off our jeans. But apart from that, GIVE ME ALL THE MUFFIN TOPS! The crusty top is so addictive, the entire muffin is fluffy and the bits of apple offers that touch of fresh citrus along with the blueberries giving that sweet goodness. YUM!

I will one day learn that it is not a given that every café is open on a Sunday. I must also remember to check opening hours prior to organising events.

But I don’t think that it worked out all that bad, considering I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Double Roasters.

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  1. Wow that croque monsieur looks amazingg!!

  2. Hehe I'm always so cautious about opening hours as I hate bringing people to a place that is closed and then scrambling. I learned that the hard way! :(

    1. :( I think I have learnt my lesson, I hope I have ... but it is such a bummer

  3. had that experience before too. at least the dishes at double roasters looked very delicious :)

    1. haha guess we all have those days where we just expect it to be open ... but yeah, there wasn't any losing points here, I gained :D

  4. Coffee here is ok but the pork belly sandwich and baked beans with eggs we had here were amazing!

    1. The pork belly sandwich sounded good too!! But was thinking if I was ordering the croque monsieur and having a sandwich, I'd miss out on something else :P
      Unfortunately, I'm not much of a coffee drinker to know if it's good or not :(

  5. That pot of chai, I like!

    1. mm yeah! That tall glass of frothed milk sold me with presentation also XD

  6. The baked beans are awesome here, and yum at the peanut butter blondie!