Friday, 25 July 2014

Hunter Valley Gardens

Earlier in the month I took advantage of the uni semester break and snuck up to Hunter Valley for a quick trip with the mother, two aunties and two young cousins.

Our first stop once arriving was the Hunter Valley Gardens, it’s almost a must visit every time I head over. As I had previously mentioned, the mother and aunt are crazy photo fanatics, so flowers are no missed opportunity.

2011 shot
reshoot 2014

Upon seeing this, I knew I needed to take a photo again as in 2011 I had previously snapped this exact piece. Unfortunately, it is winter so the flowers are a little on the end of it’s life cycle. But that creates a different effect on photos, I suppose?

Being in the Hunter Valley Gardens, there is no way you will pass by going to the Story Book Garden!

I got my chance to sneak up behind Humpty … poor soul never knew what kicked him…

Become Alice momentarily…

... I shrunk ...

All that fun with my fairytale characters friends meant I needed some refreshment despite the crisp air against the warm winters sun. So, having two younger cousins meant the inner child could come out and splurge on a slushie!

“Don’t take a photo of my face!” Oh you so silly Stinky [my nickname for my 11 year old cousin], I don’t want a photo of your face. I just want you to hold my slushie so I can have a photo of that.

And when leaving, you’re bound to come across the Oriental Gardens, with the lotus flowers and little Japanese inspired shelter for you to admire the garden in all its glory.

Despite having been to the gardens numerous of times, there’s always some new fun to be had. Not to mention their seasonal festivals that happen. While we were there they had the winter snow festival, which meant the gardens opened a section till 7pm for children to enjoy man-made snow and other little winter games.

Not to forget that during Christmas, they open late with pretty lights!! I got to enjoy that a couple of years back for our massive family Christmas get away.

So, if you have nothing planned yet for Chrissy, perhaps you’d like to see some pretty lights?

Hunter Valley posts to come:

Hunter Valley Gardens
Broke Road,
Pokolbin, NSW, Australia


  1. I love those gardens! We took a pic on that giant red chair too. It's so much fun :D

    1. It is lots of fun indeed! :D
      Hunter Valley Gardens is indeed a place to help kill some good times :D

  2. Haha the Storybook Gardens are hours of entertainment!

  3. I have a feeling my comment didnt go through (sorry for the report if it did).

    Hunter Valley looks gorgeous!
    I love the photo of you with Humpty - although i judge your evilness for kicking him.
    Guess you cant expect anything else from a foodie- you just want to eat Humptys lovely insides dont you? :P

    1. haha it didn't go through ...
      Judge away :P I wanted to see if he is filled with eggporn :P

  4. ive wanted to visit those gardens for the longest time!

  5. aww well, it'd be worth the wait when you do go :)
    and wine tasting too ^^