Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Brighton the Corner, Petersham

Brighton on the corner,
Do expect a wait.
Plus an incorrect order,
Would it seal their fate?

Youngest aunt, Aunty JS was celebrating her birthday, and I decided to take her out with my mother, and stinky (cousin) out for a Sunday breakfast. Also seeking the chance of slipping in a café that I have anticipated to try! Brighton the Corner it was!

“They have homemade crumpets!”
“What’s that?”
Goes into explaining mode…
“I heard TRUMPETS!”
Little stinky never fails to amuse me in any way.

Latte and hot chocolate $3.50

We start with drinks; mother likes her hot chocolate extra hot and had asked for this. But upon arrival, she did find it warm and had to finish it instantly before it got cold.

Chai tea with soy milk $3.50

I poured my chai tea and wondered why it was so white, a little confused I took a sip. No chai spices were evident, with a peek in the pot – there were no leaves, opps? I waved the wait staff, he saw my white glass, he voiced my concern before I did and had it changed.

Braised brisket $17

I knew what I wanted before I was in the café, and what was that? The braised brisket had been calling for me ever since I saw images and blogs about it surface. The brisket is soft, the mojo verde gives the dish a kick with flavour. The potato hash, comes more like a cut up bake potato. I don't know why, but I would have loved to have a piece of sourdough to give you that toast like crunch.

But look at that egg porn!

Homemade crumpets $14

The crumpets! Homemade crumpets, I found was like a crossover between an English muffin outside with fluffy crumpet innards. We would have enjoyed it if it was just a tad sweeter, or that could be because we have such a sweet tooth? But remember to let your clump of butter to really melt into your crumpets for more of the buttery goodness.

So … yes, I had read previously there is a wait. Yes, they were busy. But I may have forgotten to mention the first fact to my eating companions …  so, unfortunately they weren’t too impressed by the wait.

Note for readers: do expect a 30-45 minute wait on your food and more importantly, do stress this to your fellow companions too! Nothing worse than awkwardly sitting there knowing there is a wait, yet … they didn’t….

Have you ever waited for your food for a ridiculous amount of time, and was your wait worth it?

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  1. We didn't have a wait there but we went on a quiet week day when it was open for just a few weeks!

  2. the food looks so delicious but heard about the lengthy wait time for food which is a bummer

    1. yeah lengthy wait for food, and then if you have to wait for a table as well, it's a lot of waiting ...

  3. The crumpets are awesome aren't they? I found them sweet enough, although we did move them around to soak up the lake of honey!

    1. mm~~ crumpets!! maybe we didn't have enough honey that day :( wanted a tad more

  4. How good were the braised brisket?? :)