Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Coco Cubano: Kensington

What’s good at Coco Cubano,
How about them bad boys,
You may want ‘em pronto,
For your belly to enjoy!

The semester is back, Miss CC and I dedicated our Saturday arvo of week two to sitting in the law library of UNSW, and we gave ourselves an hour break for lunch at Coco Cubano. You order and pay at the counter then get given a number for your food to be served to you.

Left - Right: Coconut shake, Mint Shake (R) $6.40

Shakes!! Once we saw it on the menu, there was just no going back! I chose the mint shake, because I simply love mint! I found that it wasn’t very minty at first sip, but as you keep drinking you do get that hit of freshness. Miss CC got the coconut shake, and it was almost like a chocolate bounty! Yum!

Beef nachos $15.90

We start with the beef nachos, melted cheese, sour cream and guacamole makes Cassie one happy girl. Although it was tasty, I did find that it lacked salsa throughout, as it was in a small heap in the middle.

Chicken wings with chilli aioli $12.90

Chicken wings! They were most recommended by everyone; online and also by the wait staff. However, we both found it rather salty. There was not much else we could taste, though you do get a slight kick in the spices when you cover it with the chilli aioli but the salt really overpowered everything.

Left - Right: Pork Slider,  Beef Slider $10.90 for 2

Miss CC also chose the sliders; you get to choose two options of the three available. Today, Miss CC chose the beef slider, which was like a mini cheeseburger, and the pork, which was much too spicy for her.

Spicy bad boy potato wedges $9.90

So, we had ordered the corncobs and was later told they had run out of the corn and we could choose something else. We saw the wedges that were served with the burgers earlier and we had felt a slight pang of food envy, so this was our chance! And boy, we were so glad there were no more corn! Because these bad boys have not been named incorrectly! Super crunchy on the outside and massively mushy and soft on the insides, the aioli and chilli powder were just a bonus! We could have swept this bowl clean had we not already demolished so much food.

Everyone gets food envy every so often, so have you ever been lucky to alter your order to get your envied dish?

Hit: Bad boys
Miss: Chicken wings, nachos

Dined with entertainment voucher, however prices noted are full price

Random note: Due to uni being back into full force and like all things, assignments like to be bunched together, so for the next month I'll be back to posting once a week.

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  1. Oh I was wondering for a moment where this was! Last time I drove past the uni there were a whole bunch of new chain eateries. I have cookies that are called Bad Boys and they're not bad at all! :P

    1. There are heaps of food aren't there! Moochi has now been replaced by a "street food Vietnamese" restaurant... but I still need to visit mamak village there :)
      Oh I'm gonna need to search that recipe up from you! ;)

  2. those chicken wings look good!

    1. They do, don't they. But they were really salty :( Hopefully it was only a one off cause everyone does say they recommend it

  3. ive only ever had drinks at coco cubano, the food looks great, must go check it out soon!

    1. If you go just for the bad boys, totally worth it too! haha!!
      I hope I don't up-talk it and then you're like: meehhh ....