Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Chi & Co, Canley Heights

What a great lunch at Chi & Co,
I am here to let you know,
That nothing here was ever slow,
If you haven’t been – it’s time to go!

I have wanted to go to Chi & Co for a while now, but it’s not exactly close so it’s never really easy to plan. So, imagine my excitement when Miss CC told me ouffer had a $39 coupon for two! Instantly purchased, Miss CC and I planned to head over for a lunch date before our RTCC volunteer work on a Friday afternoon.

“May we also have a menu?”
“… there’s a lot of food already…” The waiter treaded delicately over our request.
“Oh, we want to look at the menu and there are some things we want to also try…” because #yolo

We sat down and ordered the peach and lemon mocktail jug (not included in coupon). This is totally something that is preparing for Summer, and on our lovely Friday it was perfect as it was the super hot weekend! This was refreshing, sweet and hitting all the right spots with the sweet peach juice.

Pulled beef sliders $9
Seriously, I am not joking we sat down, chose our drinks and the food was here before we knew it! We started with the pulled beef sliders, the mantou bun is soft but I wouldn’t find them softer than tsuru or wonderbao. I’m not usually one that likes mint, but it does compliment the beef well.

Chicken lettuce delights $11

We are about to take bites into our sliders and boom, the chicken lettuce delights is placed on the table. Fried glass noodles sits atop a bed of chinese pork sausage, mushrooms, and water chestnuts.

Steamed seafood dumplings $11.90 | Steamed pork dumplings $10.80

I wouldn’t call it a rest, because we are then hit up with dumplings! They’re light and slide down well, covered in a light ginger soy sauce makes it tasty, but I always like to add some chilli sauce as well to give it that kick in my dumplings.

House duck spring rolls $11.80

The duck spring rolls were nice, because since when is any spring roll not nice? As long as it’s crunchy, it’s usually pretty good. But I must say, I did find it hard to it taste the duck. I also chose not to use the plum sauce, as it was way too sweet.

Massaman beef curry $18.80

Ok, and here is when we are invited with a wait for the first time since we arrived. First we get the massaman beef curry. This reminds me of a rendang, although I know clearly they are not entirely the same in any sense. Perhaps it was the beef cuts, but there was something about it that just screamed rendang to me.

Kung pao chicken $20.80

The kung pao chicken was super tasty, it was strong in the sweet soy department, perhaps lacked the spicy kick a bit but that would have been fine for Miss CC. It was rather addictive to go back for more especially for the cashew nuts.

Stir-fried greens $8

The vegies were fresh, stir fried in soy it was nice to indulge on whilst complimenting the two meat dishes.

Now, that concludes the $39 deal … Let's proceed to the extra's Miss CC and I indulged on!
Son in law eggs $7.90

I have wanted to come to Chi & Co for so long and there are rare chances for me to be over on this side of Sydney, Miss CC and I were not going to just stop there right? So, I had wanted the son in law eggs from the get go! The eggs were still slightly wobbly, and deep fried giving that light crunch yet falling apart after getting through that exterior. But what really kicks ass is that XO sauce; the dried scallop with subtle chilli based sauce really gives the eggs a karate kick!

Pork belly sliders $9

You should all know the love Miss CC I have for pork by now, so there was also no passing by on the pork belly sliders. The pork was crispy with only slight ribbons of fat. Not exactly melt in your mouth, but enough to satisfy our needs, with a refreshing slice of cucumber and dollop of hoisin sauce.

Fried white chocolate ice cream $14.90

Now, onto the happy ending, Miss CC mentioned the fried white-chocolate ice cream. Ok, so the ice cream itself was sort of like a vanilla ice cream but what really makes this the ultimate favourite would be that raspberry coulis! Sweet, sour and healthy (because it’s the fruity component) it makes the fried exterior have more taste, and gives the ice cream that sourness letting the creamy goodness mix with it’s thick fruity goodness. 

drizzle ...

I speak as if the fried ice cream is only there to compliment this coulis, when we all know what is meant to be main part of the dessert. Opps? But no joke, if I had not poured it on top of the ice cream, I would have just taken the shot by itself…

Chi's tapioca shot $4.50

I probably should have had this before the fried ice cream, because this was nice but not great. But in saying that, this is apparently the popular dessert. I can see why, if you have not had the fried ice cream! I love sago, having the gems sitting in the coconut custard was delicious the palm sugar offers you an added sweetness as the sesame gives the dessert an interesting smokey hit and pop goes the sweet pomegranate.

But no, go for the fried ice cream.

So, have you ever purchased a coupon and added more food on your set menu and been told that you already have enough food? Please let me know Miss CC and I aren’t the only ones … or are we?

Hit: White chocolate fried ice cream with raspberry coulis
Miss: Duck Spring rolls

Chi & Co
3/264 Canley Vale Road,
Canley Heights
(Entrance on Derby St)

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  1. i love their tapioca shot, its so delicious and textural!

    1. Yes, it is nice! I totally agree, but then at the same time... that fried ice cream is totally something!

  2. Gosh, you girls must have waddled out of the restaurant! Looks like you got one AWESOME food haul :D
    What were the extras you girls got, because $39 sounds amazing (especially from what the waitress said, the offer must've been a pretty good deal to begin with)

    Mmmmmmmmmmm, but love all the photos in the post :D Everything looks delicious

    1. um .... waddled, hugged our stomachs hahaha!!

      extra food starts at son in law eggs ;)

      and thank you

  3. Son-in-law eggs, lol, that's funny! My heart melted for that fried white chocolate!!!

    Gourmet Getaways

    1. My belly rumbles at that fried ice cream hehe! :D

  4. We really enjoyed our visit here and although it was a while ago it seems like a lot of the menu items have stayed the same! :D

    1. haha I'm somewhat glad the menu hasn't changed, so i didn't miss out on anything! XD
      but yeah, we enjoyed our time here too :)

  5. Dear Cassie,

    Canley Heights seem to have so many new restaurants! Why do they call it son in law eggs? I thought only girls have eggs.

    1. hahahahaha! good point!!
      i do wonder, and totally should have questioned!
      i look forward to trying more restaurants in canley heights though it's so far from me

  6. What a great menu, the desserts especially caught my eye (surprise surprise :P)
    Beautiful photos!

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. You guys had an impressive amount of food. Props!

    1. bwahahahahaa we are two girls on a mission to eat :P