Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Sweet Spot, Waterloo

Eating at the The Sweet Spot,
Makes me want the whole lot,
But it could cause my arteries to clot,
Unless that is their scheming plot

Not too long ago I had noticed The Sweet Spot in Randwick and had mentally added it to my ever-growing list of places I wish to visit. Until Miss JJ mentioned that there was one opened at Waterloo as well, however this one serves savory foods too! We also needed a meet up point to get started on our group presentation, so let’s kill two birds with one stone!

Unfortunately for us, doing group presentations do require some use of the internet and The Sweet Spot may not be a place for you if that is what you are after. Unless of course you have your own portable internet or have enough on your phone.

To start, I get the berry smoothie. Oh my, it was all types of good I tell you. Little bits of berries are still evident within the drink to allow you to have some bite as you drink this goodness. Not too sweet and not under sweet, because I am sweet enough. #lame.

Cheese and spinach triangle $5.50

Miss JJ has been here numerous times and have her favourites, like this cheese and spinach triangle. The pastry was flakey and it may look boring sitting on the plate, but she did demolish it in no time – which could only mean one thing right?

Zucchini fritter wrap $8.90

Miss JT ordered the zucchini fritter wrap, it looks absolutely amazing and I don’t even eat zucchinis!

Eggs benedict $15

And I ordered the eggs benedict! The smoked leg ham was chunky slices of ham, with the subtle smokey flavours along with the hollandaise sauce, which was slightly tangy. The muffin was slightly hard to cut through, but I managed, that is why I go strength training! Use those muscles!!

Egg porn!

We want sweets, but we wait and have to stretch through this so-called easy but it actually wasn’t presentation. We seemed to understand, then got confused, then understood then questioned ourselves a lot. But it’s ok, we have received our marks back now, and we did pretty well. (Not that you were concerned).

Lemon meringue tart $6.90

Would you stop and take a moment to appreciate this humble looking lemon meringue tart? This is Miss JJ’s favourite, she recalls the meringue as soft yet chewy. The look on her face when eating this could make anyone salivate! And when she finishes, the tip of her nose will always have that little bit of meringue! She’s a little bundle of cuteness I tell you!

Capioska $7.50

Miss JT went with the capioska, she admits she wanted it all because of the macaron shell! This is a cake with a short bread base with layers of lemon-lime mousse, lychee and vanilla sponge. Miss JJ recalls this was a very light cake.

Millie-Feullie $7.50

Now, I think I went all out because I felt empowered after my PT session. A millie-feuille was my choice. Layered with cream and custard, this looks so heavy, but I promise you looks can be deceiving. The pastry was a little hard to break, and yes, super messy to eat but oh so good! I absolutely loved the custard, the sweet milky custard makes my heart sing, I could do without the cream and another layer of custard just because why not?

But I am totally going back for that lemon meringue tart, or … I could just pop into the one at Randwick.

So, have you got a friend where they eat something and always manage to get a particular spot dirty? Or would that person be you?

Hit Lemon meringue tart
Miss Eggs benedict

The Sweet Spot
Shop 1, 2 Allens Street
(Corner Botany Road and Allens Street)


1/18 Perouse Road,

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  1. HOMGOSH THAT ZUCCHINI FRITTER WRAP!! Look at the colours! ♥__♥

    Shame your description of the eggs benedict dont quite match up with the picture :( It does look quite delicious.

    1. It did look so tempting !!
      Actually now that I think about it, I don't think I have had an eggs benedict where I think is absolutely amazing just as yet! ;)

  2. The capioska definitely caught my eye. The cheese and spinach triangle looks beautiful as well.

    1. haha it is a cute little cake :)
      It did, i sort of had food envy haha

  3. You're much more sensible than us. All we had was cake when we visited the Randwick one! :P

    1. haha not sure if sensible or just a very big tummy and wanted everything! XD

  4. tha capioska and mille feuille look so good!

    1. I am so going back for the sweets!! There's much more to try

  5. That lemon meringue tart jut caught my eye, it looks absolutely delicious :D
    What an awesome place!

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. OMG everything looks so good!!!! How clever to put a zucchini fritter in a wrap!!!

    1. I know right, makes you feel so healthy... especially if you plan on indulging on the sweets after ;)

  7. Dear Cassie,

    That cheese spinach triangle looks like curry puffs that I bake at home minus the sesame seeds. I was hoping to see an innard shot.

    1. They do now that you say it ... hmm ... opps... never thought of an innard shot!

  8. That zucchini fritter wrap does look amazing!

  9. whoa check out the orangey yolk! mm that lemon meringue tart looks yummo