Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Pinbone, Woollahra

What a surprise at Pinbone,
This will do well as one alone,
It does not need a clone,
So they can fight their way to the throne!

Summer lovin’ had me a blast,
Summer lovin’ happened so fast …

Lucky you all read those lyrics and not heard me sing, or else those eardrums of yours would have burst as well as your computer screens cracked. But I could not resist because those summer days are finally here!! And what’s awesome with these summer days are those freaking awesome days where we can go bask in the sun and enjoy some hipster cafes ... such as Pinbone!

“Look at all those hipsters” Miss CC scans as she drives down the streets of Woollahra
“I swear on weekdays it’s not like this” I work in Woollahra and honestly have not noticed.

We expect a wait and are surprised when told it’ll only be about 5 minutes, a short wait and we were seated upstairs to a simple café with the paintings adorning the walls. Wait staff running on their feet constantly to keep their patrons attended to.

Ginger ale $4.50 | daily juice $6

The ginger ale is not like any other that Miss CC has had before, she recalls this as being lighter than your average ale, which was perfect for our lovely warm Sunday. I went for the juice of the day, which was watermelon, mint and lime. I felt like Summer really was already here when sipping on this, it was so refreshing. Sweet, minty, subtle sour lime and all things good. But I admit, I did think it was going to come in a bigger glass.

Hash browns $4 (each) | Haloumi $4 (two in a serve)
I’ll start with the sides first because well, we’ll work our ways to goodness. The haloumi is nice, but it’s just your average haloumi… so unless you are having that excessive need for it, order it. If not, belly space should be saved for others.

Hash browns innards

We order a side of hash browns and were told it was only one in a serve, Miss CC contemplates whether she wants one as well…

“Are you known for your hash browns?”
“Yes.” Honestly, Miss CC as if the answer would ever be no if someone asks if something is nice where you are serving! 

We see why when we cut down on them, the outside is fried to absolute crispy-ness! The crumbs almost want to fall apart with chunks of mashed potato inside. Only downside was that it was a little too salty.

Pumpkin, bacon, maple tart $12

Miss CC has opted for the pumpkin bacon maple tart. And I admit we both said this more than required because we found how lovely it rhymed when you say it aloud. It was always followed with a giggle too, that’s just how mature we both are.

Expecting a heavy tart, Miss CC had her eyes closed at first bite and was probably hearing the angels sing! So she cut me a piece, and my oh freaking my! The pastry is light; the thinly sliced bacon drizzled with maple syrup and the light smear of pumpkin sitting underneath all complimented each other so well. I’m surprised by how much I liked this; it is so close to me loving it as much as saying the name aloud!

Fregola, creamed corn and poached egg $18

I order the creamed corn with fregola and it comes out huge! But it’s creamy, sweet and simply delicious! Although I am glad we ordered a side of hash browns because I did feel it would miss that solid texture while trying to demolish the plate. Did you spot my keyword: trying. Yes, I did not finish this as it was so filling! So, do plan to share this, having this alone would probably have you rolling down the stairs and out the door!

egg porn!

But would you take a moment and appreciate the egg porn!

So, have you got that one friend where you can be a complete embarrassment with and simply enjoy yourself? I think Miss CC and I are the most embarrassing people to be around sometimes when together, but thank goodness it’s usually just the two of us…

Hit: Fregola, creamed corn and poached egg
Miss: Haloumi

3 Jersey Road,

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  1. I'm still trying to wrap my head around Pumpkin, bacon, maple tart xD Tarts are sweet cakey things right...? But this is bacon and pumpkin?! Sounds like such a trippy mix that it MUST be good.

    Looks and sounds like a delicious foodie adventure :D

    1. hahaha oh no, some savoury tarts can be pretty winning, just like this one! ;)
      it did sound weird to me, but it obviously was a different story once indulged ^^

  2. Look at that glistening bacon! It looks incredible! :O

    1. I know right! The shine had my heart stop momentarily XD

  3. LOL on the singing, you're so funny! I, to, love the sound of that dish - pumpkin, bacon, maple tart like a rap of some sort. I not only like the name but the way it looks, too...Delish!!!

    Gourmet Getaways xx

    1. haha thank you ;)
      It does have a special ring to it, doesn't it? Everything about the dish does win! ^^

  4. Love the food at Pinbone but yet to head there for brunch. Will have to make amends soon!

    1. aww ... hope you pop over and enjoy it as much as we did :)

  5. Dear Cassie,

    I thought the food during a dinner session was just average.

    Not sure why everyone is making a big deal about some fish eggs on white bread in a dining room where diners seem to be in a shouting competition.

    This restaurant don't need me and I definitely don't need it.

    1. oh really? I havent tried dinner, though I do find the decor more of a brunch environment, but i can't judge that till I have tried dinner :P
      not going to give them a chance with brunch?

  6. i love fresh juices but that glass looked half empty!

    1. it was! I was somewhat devo actually... but i guess we can say, it was half full ;) haha!

  7. Man I can't wait to try Pinbone and get my hands on that pumpkin bacon maple tart.

    1. ROFL! because anything bacon is already awesome and winning right? ^^

  8. OMG those hash browns!!!!! No words are needed - they look incredible!!!!!

  9. the brunch dishes looked so delicious especially the fregola. wish the brunch menu is available on both saturday and sunday though

  10. pumpkin, bacon,maple tart come at me!!
    Oh and them hashies!!!mmmmm