Saturday, 11 October 2014

Let's Do Dessert: Shangri-La, Marriott

I mentioned that Miss CC and I have been indulging GFM a little too much didn’t I? If my personal trainer knew the reason I’m not available for sessions with her was because I had a date with some sweets, she would probably make me unable to get out of bed from a painful session!

Level G, 176 Cumberland Street, The Rocks
Dessert: Berry, Chocolate, marshmallow, meringue
Cost: $20

So, Shangri-la lobby lounge only takes the bookings by the hour. Again, as I always say, who said you cannot have dessert before dinner? And one as fun as this one, is totally worth it! Our hearts were uplifted when we saw how cute and fun it looked sitting on the plate.

“The pink stringy thing looks like a fizzer!” As I expected it to taste just like it, but it’s not – just a chewy and very sticky sweet goodie. I would believe this to have been the 'marshmallow' component. But you know what’s amazing? The lightness of the main piece on my plate, it was creamy, light and not overly sweet at all.

SWIPE. A spoonful in and you see some hidden gem, a hidden chocolate with what I believe was a pistachio base underneath it all. I have figured that Shangri-La does like to use the little pearls as I remember they used it last year too. No complaints because I love the way it pops in your mouth!

It might be an early call, as it’s still the beginning and I have not had all the Let’s do desserts yet – but so far, this is my favourite!

Level G, 30 Pitt Street, Sydney
Dessert: Raspberry brûlée, Chocolate mouse, hazelnut crumble, pistachio macaron, and dehydrated raspberry
Cost: $20

Miss CC had been trying to call all week to book, left multiple messages yet no one ever got back to her. So, we tried our luck after dinner, maybe we needed to book in person or maybe we would be lucky and just get to eat it straight away?

We walked in, advised them of our situation and asked what time they start.

“It starts at 9pm, but we’re flexible…”
“So, we can have it now?”
“Sure, take a seat.”

Well, it was about 7.30? We did try to book but could not. So why not?

The presentation sure was cute, the idea of it being like a pot plant and all, adorable! In a silver bucket, points! But then … wasn’t this a brûlée? I’m confused.

I’d say this was definitely more a chocolate mouse with cream and raspberry jam at the bottom of the chocolate mouse. The hazelnut crumble was nice, and the sourness of the raspberry did add a great touch to the chocolate mouse. But I was actually looking forward to a brûlée….

Have you all been a little disappointed in something which didn't actually come out as you had expected or imagined it to? I did think, the brûlée would have had a nice toffee touch crackle ... but then, perhaps I missed the hazelnut crumble part and jumped to conclusions myself ... 

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  1. Aww...I have a few unexpected moments in the past. But you're right the presentation looks charming and adorable! Thanks for sharing!

    Gourmet Getaways

    1. I guess it is the inevitable to have unexpected moments, it wouldnt be fair to always get what we want, right? :)
      Thanks for popping by

  2. These desserts look quite exquisitely designed, so many elements, Im sure it would be easy to miss a little! :P
    Beautiful photos!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. They were so artistically designed, I am so envious for their eye! :D
      Yeah, I understand there could be some parts that could have been missed :(

  3. Whoa!!! You definitely can't go wrong with Shangri-la when it comes to desserts.

  4. Hehe what your PT doesn't know won't hurt them I'm sure ;) It's great that they're still $20. I would have thought inflation would have gotten to these!

    1. haha i totally agree ;) but the guilt eats me... until i eat another sugar hit :P
      Let's hope they do choose to stay at $20, I feel if it goes up, I may not be as enthused to go ... or not... haha!

  5. Replies
    1. It is ay! But SGL always seems to make pretty desserts :D