Thursday, 9 October 2014

Parramatta Lanes

It’s the first time Miss CC and I have been to Parramatta Lanes, and we don’t know what we were expecting. But perhaps it was the first night, but we found it to be rather quiet? Or maybe because it is so spaced out? But then it makes sense as to why it’s called Parramatta Lanes when there were all different features of food from different cultures located in the little laneways of Parramatta.

“We are sticking out so much!”
“… I think it’s over there”
“We are such Easties!”

Pretty sure people who didn’t hear our conversation but saw us walking up and down the street would know we were not from the area. We were sticking out like a sore thumb for sure! Until later, we asked a marshal and was advised that there were stickers on the floor and posts (which were blatantly obvious mind you) guiding you to the next area did we manage to blend in a little better.

Pulled pork roll $10
So, we stumbled across Leigh church by complete accident (and had thought we were at Roxy carpark) until we noticed the stalls. So we started our meal for the night with pulled pork roll from Courtney's Brasserie. The apple slaw complimented the pulled pork in a sesame bun.

Salted caramel popcorn cheesecake $5

We also spotted the salted popcorn cheesecake at Courtney's Brasserie and there is no way we could resist it! So, low and behold we got it! The popcorn reminded me of the popcorn shop that used to be around, kernels. It was such a step back into my primary school days, eating the popcorn and having them stuck in my teeth and others where you could not even bite through. The cheesecake itself was creamy and the base was a little hard to get to because SNAP (quite literally), Miss CC’s plastic spoon broke whilst trying to dig for it.

Lamb and gravy roll $8.50
Lamb and gravy roll? Um, yes please! Waroo Lamb were so generous with their lamb, I watched as they kept digging in the pot for more and filled the roll, and then that layer of sweet goodness gravy was exactly what was needed to create a warm, tasty, subtly sweet lamb in a roll bun. Though, the bottom that did not get the goodness of gravy did turn out to be a little dry, but there is nothing that can be done… or can it? ;)

So Mr TR joined us later, and a conversation like this happened…

“You guys have some strange street names here…” Miss CC states.
“Like what?” Mr TR was curious.
“Batman walk!” Miss CC says in a matter of a fact way
“Don’t you know Batman-“
This obviously is my cue, I start singing the batman theme song…
But apparently Batman was some Melbourne dude or something. Yeah, I really paid attention …

But Batman walk was a more art area, and interactive pods, it was interesting. But food?

Korean dumplings $3 each

We then landed at the Asian laneway, Roxy Carpark! Not much to our interest, perhaps because it was things that you could get at the night noodle markets. But we did land ourselves on some Korean dumplings. I love Korean dumpligs! They are big, and packed with goodies. Filled with beef, vegies and vermicelli it always makes me think of it being japchae inside a pan-fried dumpling, WINNING!

Selection of sweets at Courtney's Brasserie

So, there are more to the festival, Italian and middle-eastern but because we knew Mr TR was joining us after we did decide to just pop into a restaurant to eat. So that means, Miss CC and Cassie’s trip to Parramatta wasn’t entirely wasted if we get to indulge on some food in the West and not be so “Eastie”. A post will follow shortly on where we ate!

Leigh church

Till then, I am going to enjoy some more GFM goodies and have them ready to share with you all SUPER soon! Have you all been going a little insane with the food on offer this month yet? It’s only the second week, and Miss CC and I have probably enjoyed it a little too much already … opps? #noregrets

BUT if you intend on visiting Parramatta Lanes, you better get in there quick! Tomorrow is the last day already!


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I haven't been to Parramatta yet, but looking forward to discover this part of Sydney.
    I heard about this event, and your pictures are lovely (love the look of that pulled pork roll!)

    1. Thanks Olivia :)
      Yeah, you'll find a lot of different eats around Parramatta too! :)

  2. Hey Kazz,

    Love the photos for this post :) The lighting in the last one is lovely.

    I love it when people are generous with servings and sounds like you got some service when you bought that lamb+gravy roll. I dont know about you, but I sometimes ask for them to layer the gravy (gravy, meat, gravy, meat, gravy- or just skip that middle gravy layer). It means the gravy might be a bit thinner, but it means maximum moisture and excellent gravy coating for the meat :D :D :D

    Sounds like you guys had lots of fun though :D

    1. bwahaha nhi!
      Yeah, I thought of that when I was eating the roll ;)
      should have figured you got that tip!

  3. What a range of delicious food and it looks well priced too! I haven't been to any GFM events yet as I've been sick but I'm sure that you'll make up for me ;)

    1. Yeah, the prices were actually pretty good! ^^
      Aww... I do hope you feel better soon!

  4. Dear Cassie,

    That lamb and gravy roll will rival any good hotdog in my books!

  5. i didnt go last year! must go check it out!

    1. i hope you made it this year!
      It ended on Friday night :(