Saturday, 6 December 2014

C & A Wedding

Five days …

That’s how long it took for my voice to recover from my cousin’s wedding two weeks ago.

Clearly someone had too much fun…


Photo by my mother

To me, weddings were always like a fairytale ending. The man stands, waiting, wearing a nice suit or tux. The woman walks down in her beautiful white gown.

Their gazes lock, and that’s it. It was is happily ever after.

I’m not saying that it’s still not like that to me, it is. I mean when you choose to propose, you chose your significant other and it works vice versa, your significant other could have also said no. But they didn’t, they said yes. So, it is happily ever after, right?
But as one grows older, reality hits. You do see the hard work in the compromising a relationship has. It is no longer about you, it’s about us.

Photo by my Uncle RC

However, I was honoured to have witnessed the joining together of my cousin and his new wife. Because there was simply love poured out all over the place that day.

Through his words, and through her smile.

Through his gaze, and through her touch.

Through his song, and through her awaiting hand as he stepped closer.

Mahatma Ghandi had once said “Where there is love there is life.”

opps, sorry to my cousins ... my face got in the way. Sorry, not sorry.
The Booth Fairy

Out of all sayings, I choose that one because we are now all awaiting their good news for a little baby Chan, to add to our clan!


  1. bahaha that top photo is gold, photobomb included!

    1. haha thank you! but i do agree, the photo bombers are what makes the photo so awesome ;)

  2. whoa loving that shot on the rocks!

    1. It is a great photo taken by Matthew Mead Photography :D
      Can't wait to see more photos they took from the day

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you... I will say on their behalf as all photos seem to have not been taken by me! haha

  4. Aww I love that you had so much fun! Gorgeous photos and I LOVE that red dress! :o

    1. haha yes!! the bride's wedding dress and red night dress was amazing... shame the red dress was too long and she was unable to dance the routine they had both been practicing! :(

  5. little Chan to add to the clan would be the best heheheh (:
    and omg at the last photo! you serial photobomb luvo!!