Wednesday, 10 December 2014

WCW: Dec 2014

I have been thinking to do a Women Crush Wednesday [WCW] for a while now, but have hesitated a few times because … of a few personal reasons. But considering it is now the silly season, then why not? And who knows if I’ll ever do another one or when it could even be.

My WCW are people whom I have been following and have simply admired in different ways. And perhaps managed to mention them in conversations one way or another, which could have been annoying on the receiving end.

So, who would be my first one to ever be mentioned here on JFW…

Not Quite Nigella

It is only natural for me to name Lorraine first because if I didn’t, I’m pretty sure Miss CC would never let me hear the end of it.

But I have sat and watched Lorraine for a while now, this is meant in the least stalkerish ways as it is only through a screen and not physically. I have always admired the way she writes. I love how she manages to make her stories lead into her post so well, it's so smooth. Her talented kitchen hands and creativity with her food is a massive bonus. If only I could be as creative and innovative with my own cooking would be great, but let’s see if cooking with a recipe to follow could be successful is already something I hope for sometimes.

Lorraine, I hope this does not scare you if you do come by this post. 

Rosie Waterland

This would also be no surprise to those around me, I have read some of her articles and could not contain the fits of laughter. Not to mention her scandalous reports on the weekly updates on the bachelor during it’s airing. Not that I followed the reality show, but it sure was an entertainment to read her analysing the episodes #dirtystreetpie

I am completely taken by her mind, and the way she can put her thoughts into words so well, in such an amusing way. If only I could get into that mind of hers and steal some of those thoughts, I would be in complete bliss.

So, I would like to pick at one's creativity and talent in the kitchen and pick at the other's mind and how it is so amusing in so many different ways. My WCW are people who I aspire to be, as I believe one needs to have one, two, or more role models in life in order to achieve personal goals in life.

However, what is my life goal? Currently, I'm not sure - perhaps that's why I have two different ladies who are successful in their own ways. But it's something right, motivation perhaps?

So, have you got her own WCW or role model in your life that you aspire to be or have used to help motivate yourself?


  1. How great are these ladies! I love Lorraine's blog - her recipes are fab!

  2. Oh Cassie what a wonderfully sweet post!! I was so surprised to see my face there but your words are so beautiful and I am so honoured!! I hope that we get to meet one day :D xxx

    1. HAHA Did you feel a little frightened to see your face? "Why is she using my photo?!"
      Yes, that would be nice .... but be assured that if I am hiding it's not because I don't want to say hi, it's because I'm shy :P

    2. Haha not frightened but surprised to see my face because I didn't expect it :) Aww don't be shy! :D

    3. aww haha I shall attempt to not be shy and say hi :)

  3. This is such a cool idea and omg agreed! I love Lorraine's blog, she is inspiring :D
    Can't wait to check out Mamamia :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. She is indeed! :) If you intend to do a WCW, I look forward to reading yours! :)

  4. What a unique and interesting sharing of your WCWs, Cassie! You chose well, I would say :) It's always great to find people that will inspire you to do more. Thanks for sharing!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

    1. haha thank you! :)
      It is indeed isn't it, people who inspire us to aspire more for ourselves is always a good thing :)

  5. NQN is one of my biggest blogging inspirations! she is a lovely person to eat with!

    1. She is isn't she!?
      Now, I wouldnt know about the latter, but I'm sure it aint wrong at all :) You lucky duckling!