Friday, 12 December 2014

Nom, Darlinghurst

Nom’s neon red light,
Shines oh-so-bright,
It is the only one in sight,
Just like any other night

So, I have never been to Japan before but there is just something about stepping past the doors of Nom and feeling like you’ve been transported into Japan. The narrow little restaurant can probably seat about 25 people, so it is highly recommended to make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

Assorted sashimi $19
Miss CC had been telling me how fresh their sashimi is and so we opted for the assorted plate. True to her words we are presented with fresh and fatty slices of tuna, salmon, kingfish, mackerel and yellowtail.

Soft bones $8

The chicken soft bones are all you expect it to be, crunchy all the way through as you bite through the thin layer of batter into the bone.

Chicken karaage $11

But what Miss CC had been raving on about before we even sat down was the chicken karaage. I must say, this did not disappoint, there’s something about the newfound love for Korean fried chicken for over a year now. But this is just mind blowing, it may not be as crunchy as your average fried chicken, but it is enough for a karaage, the innards was so juicy and succulent, it was leaving me speechless because I didn’t want to talk and simply indulge. Note that the dish does not come with kewpie mayo, but all you have to do is ask for a side of it and your wish will be granted.

Deep fried tofu $8.50

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I think I have gone a little tofu obsessed. Every time I see it on the menu, I feel a need to order it. The tofu was silky smooth, however there wasn’t much of a deep fried feel to it as I think I was expecting something like an agedashi tofu.

Yakisoba $11

Look at all those vegetables!! It sure made us feel a little healthier from all the fried foods we have so far indulged on. The pickled radish was a nice way to help break through the sweet and salty-ness of the noodles.

Ox tongue $10

Ox tongue is a beautiful thing; I love ordering this at Korean or Japanese barbeques! Chewy yet tender, glistening and screaming for me to eat instantly. The slight cracked pepper gave such a nice kapow on my palate.

Beef asparagus roll $11

Last but not least, because it came out a little later, we almost forgot all about it. Thin strips of beef wrap around the asparagus stalk. How I started to eat asparagus was because a slice of beef was wrapped around it. So, it was a nice way to bring nostalgia back, charcoaled beef always tastes that little better and you get your healthy asparagus bite when your teeth sinks in.

Because it is small, it definitely fills up rather easily and you see only three women working, juggling between kitchen, bar and service duties. So patience on service is required, but despite their running around you are always given a friendly smile in return.

We definitely would love to go back and try some of their desserts as we had to dash off and watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

I love watching trailers before a movie, and Miss CC isn’t too fussed about whether she watches or misses them. So, that’s why our dinner was not exactly close to a theatre. So, do you enjoy watching trailers in a movie or would you also make dinner plans somewhere outside the proximity of your cinema then drive your way over?

Hit: Chicken Karaage
Miss: Deep fried tofu

166 Riley Street,

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  1. love nom! the eel and the potato salad are amaaazing

  2. I need to try their karaage and potato salad!

    1. mm~~ karaage for sure!
      But I now feel I need go back for the potato salad :D

  3. Dear Cassie,

    I love these cheap and chirpy Japanese restaurants. Prices are so honest and food is usually good too.

    1. I know right, and the size is pretty good for more food to be ordered for variety too :)

  4. Yum! I love the selection of dishes that you had-I'd go for the same ones. I can never say no to good Japanese food! :D P.S. I love crunchy chicken bones!

    1. I am so with you, can never decline good japanese .. especially one that makes you feel like you're in japan too! :D
      You have me at anything crunchy ;)