Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Rupert and Ruby, Darlinghurst

Just beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it,
No one wants to be defeated,
Showin’ how funky strong is your fight,
It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right,
Just beat it, beat it …

Old school music is pumping left, right and centre at Rupert and Ruby’s creating an uplifting vibe throughout the café as the waiters are seen bouncing to the music.

Henry's cider $13

I did not think I would be able to make it here before their doors closed, but low and behold Miss CC, Mr CH and I managed to make a booking for a Saturday lunch.

Iced Coffee $4.50 | Bloody Mary $18

Upon disappointment, I noticed the fried chicken and waffles were crossed off on the menu. It was then confirmed that they had bought enough stock for the weekend yet by Friday they had completely sold out. And, that was the main reason as to why we were sitting there, the fried chicken and waffles…

Fried chicken $24

So we settled for the fried chicken, although tempted to go out and buy our own waffles to add to this dish.  Fried in their secret spices and buttermilk, this is finished off with honey butter and a bed of coleslaw sitting on top of it all. The sweetness from the honey really does wonders on this chicken and I can only imagine how much more amazing this could be with some waffle carb-ness running through with each bite.

Big BBQ brekkie $26

In replacement to the fried chicken and waffles, a dish was promptly created. The BBQ  platter with pulled pork, beef brisket, two poached eggs and purple carrots. The brisket was unfortunately a little too tough, unless you manage to get some with a little fat does it melt in your mouth. But I’ll tell you what was nearly blow your socks off amazing – that pulled pork! The meat falls apart at the a wriggle of your fork and is soft and tender. The mustard adds a nice touch to the char-ed meats.

Fries with aioli $8

We can never say no to fries! These are moreish with a side of aioli sauce.

Emerald city salad $16

The emerald city contains grilled witlof, cauliflower, shaved apple and toasted walnuts and has a slight zing from the dressing however I’m not sure why, but I cant figure out whether I like this or not, perhaps leaning more towards the not. But that’s just me, because Miss CC and Mr CH loved this completely.

We were unsure whether we had enough food when ordering, and the waiter did suggest for us to see how we go. But when we mentioned we also wanted to try the wagyu skirt, he mentioned it takes 20 minutes to cook.

Ruby's skirt $29

So when all was placed, it was already decided we wanted the wagyu – no surprise there right? Smoky flavours are definitely evident, and that’s what makes this a great dish – because it’s supposed to be! The wagyu was still pink, the way I like it and no extra flavours were needed. I understand this sounds a little contradicting but I’m not sure what was missing, I felt it may need some sauce but at the same time, I understand that it doesn’t, so I’m left confused trying to work out what it needed…

Sounds like I had a very unsure meal right? Unsure whether I liked the salad, unsure what was missing for the wagyu … or perhaps I was just in a very unsure mood myself due to lack of sleep …

Have you ever had a meal or dish that left you feeling confused or unsure about certain aspects?

Rupert and Ruby closed their doors on 21st December 2014

Rupert and Ruby
78 Stanley Street,

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  1. Haha I like that 'we never say no to fries' :D
    The food looks so fresh here!

    Happy Holidays
    Choc Chip Uru

    1. bwahahaha there is always some carb in our meals :D
      Everything was good :)
      I hope you had a lovely Christmas! Have a happy new year x

  2. That skirt steak looks really good! They've changed the fried chicken too since we visited (although we accidentally went really early when they had just opened). A very Merry Christmas to you!! :D

    1. Oh really??? Hmm, now I sort of wish I had that chicken as well to compare haha!
      Thank you! I hope you had a lovely Christmas yourself x