Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Pork'd, Surry Hills

It pays to have food blogger friends, because you are guaranteed to know they love food just as much as you. And another bonus is, when asked if they have food blogger friends, they think of you. Miss Charlene from aus2usa kindly asked me to accompany her to try the menu at Pork’d.

And if you all know me, you all know my love for pork just keeps growing. So, imagine how excited I was to come and visit pork’d, because the name says it all. Are you all ready to get pork’d?!

There are simple steps on the menu that teaches you the correct way to get pork’d, well, you could have your own way – but why would you when there are clear instructions.

The friendly staff were friendly and assisted us with our drinks. The beers on tap change every so often, tonight, there were no ciders but other times they could be filled with ciders. They also offer Kombuca, which is flavoured fermented tea.

Baby back ribs with salad $27.50

Mark, owner and chef, chooses our menu tonight. We are presented with the baby racks, cooked with hoisin sauce it is sweet and sticky. Delicious chunks of meat falls off the ribs and I am salivating with each bite.

Pigsy plate $25 per person
We got pork'd

The pigsy plate is a platter of meat with pickle and a soft and fresh bun. We are in love with the chilli bacon, it’s dry and crispy, it’s so addictive, can we please have a side of this please? The cheese kransky may have lacked a little cheesy touch as I believed it was a normal kransky. A little piece of pork crackling hung off the cider pork belly and it was crunchy crunch crunch. However, it would have been nice to have a little more crackling on the plate.

Iceberg salad with bits $4

The salad was tasty but as a lover of sauce I wouldn’t have minded more dressing, the iceberg lettuce was fresh and tid bits of bacon adds that touch of salt.
Mash $4

Smooth and chunky mash, I added a dash of pepper just for a little bit of a kick but smothering this goodness on some of your pork does absolutely no harm at all.

Rw salted caramel cake $7.50

Miss Charlene on the other hand is a lover of all things sweet, so she was excited for the raw cakes they have available. We started with the salted caramel cake, the balance of salt and caramel was just right. What’s awesome is, it was not even sweet at all. Weird, right? Why am I eating dessert when it’s not sweet. I don’t know, but it just felt so right.

Raw triple layer chocolate cake $7.50

The raw triple layer chocolate cake was a little too rich. But the first bite it was full of dark chocolate. But after a few more, the dark richness really sinks in, and becomes a little too much. That is when you go back to the salted caramel and realize how in love you may have been with that to begin with.

We really enjoyed our night at pork’d, the staff are friendly and helpful. I imagine how this restaurant would be buzzing with people, and be sure to be there early to snap up a table, as that is the first step to getting pork’d.

Have you ever had raw dessert and what are you thoughts on eating something that is supposed to be sweet yet it’s … not?

Journey from Within dined as a guest at Pork’d. However all opinions are based on JFW’s own thoughts.

Thanks to Mark and Pauline and their wonderful staff for their great hospitality.

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  1. Would be happy to pig out here! The hoisin pork ribs sound tasty.

  2. When we went the desserts weren't on yet so good to see what they're like! I really like the meat but I wasn't as taken with the sides.

  3. Oh lordy! So much delicious delicious pork you had! It really does pay to have food blogger friends aye :)

    1. It totally does :D and yes, almost like an endless supply of pork! :D

  4. Boy I want some pork NOW!

  5. Replies
    1. Mmm~ but honestly that hot chilli bacon is something to take note on :D

  6. Dear Cassie,

    That iceberg salad is screaming out for a cheesy dressing.

  7. You're right, Cassie. There are perks to have blogger friends thinking about you...You got us wanting to fork that pork, too!! Temptation alert!!! Love the piggy pair xx

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

    1. haha awww, friend or an evil friend to make you want to fork that pork! :D
      piggy goodness!! :D