Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Buttermelt Cafe, Strathfield

It’s been a while since I met up with Miss AC, and the only time we really get to catch up is when we’re both on uni break. So, we quickly scheduled our calendars to coincide as soon as break started. And so, this is how we found ourselves sitting in Buttermelt café.

Chai tea $4.50

My chai tea did not come with a cup, and being the kind soul she is Miss AC got up to ask the wait staff for one. I sat and watched, and she came back all jolly letting me know that it would be on the way.

Flat white $3.50

“You do know you asked another customer right?”
“Huh? No,” She turns around and sees the guy in the black tee standing at the counter, waiting for coffee, “Wait, no, really? But…”
“Yeah, no.”
“OMG! That’s so embarrassing!”
She never fails to amuse, never.

Salmon benedict danish $15.50
She jumped from one item to another on the menu, not sure which she wanted but ended up with her very first choice, eggs benedict. Runny poached eggs is a hit and miss, as the table next to us had beautifully running eggs and the eggs on Miss AC’s were overcooked but she enjoyed her hollandaise sauce, scraping her plate clean.

Bulgogi kimchi pullover $14.50

I, on the other hand went with their lunch menu and had the bulgogi kimchi pullover. The bulgogi beef was sweet, but with that added kimchi gave a nice spicy kick to the dish. It was a very morish dish, and perfect for winter.

Brioche french toast $14.50

I’ve heard about their pancakes, mainly from Sonia from jayesslee, however the pancakes are only available after 4pm. There are breakfast buttermelt pancakes or the French toast brioche. We opt for the French toast. I am personally a little over brioche, but I’m glad that this didn’t have too much of that buttery taste, and felt a tad healthier to eat. Thickly cut and topped with mascarpone cheese, strawberries and mixed berry Canadian maple. We were digging in for more.

Would I be back? Perhaps, only because I am intrigued by their pancakes – so hopefully I’ll be around Stratty one afternoon, after 4pm…

Have you ever mistaken a fellow patron as wait staff? I’d love to hear your story!

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  1. I made a rookie error when I went, Mushrooms and a poached egg on toast... NEIN!!! Not when they have those freaking gorgeous pancakes!

  2. A shame they didn't have pancakes. The french toast looks good though!

  3. That bulgogi pullover does sound delicious! Love bulgogi with anything, so with kimchi in that wrap form looks like my kind of lunch meal :)

  4. It's so awks when you mistake a customer for waitstaff and yeah I am definitely heading back for the pancakes